Meeting Checklist Templates

Make the Most of Your Meetings With's Ready-made Sample Meeting Checklist Templates That Are Designed to Make Your Meetings Successful and Productive. Whether You're Looking for a Project Meeting Template, Team Meeting Template, Business Meeting Template, and Others Alike, Our Free Printable Templates Have Got You Covered. Download Now!See more

Lack of clear purpose and unprepared participants. These are just some of the challenges cited by the people in conducting meetings, however, these can be resolved through the making of a meeting checklist. Lucky in you because we have here set of meeting checklist templates that are made easily editable for you to modify these according to your standard. Why stay unfocused if you can even stay focused, right? Sense of feeling Deja Vu no more, once you avail any of these 100% customizable meeting checklist templates, you can now obtain a well-organized meeting and meet the purpose that you expected. These templates are available in Google Docs, MS Word, and Apple Pages file formats.

What is A Meeting Checklist?

A meeting checklist is a list of all the notions to tackle in a meeting. This guides you to avoid missed topics during the meeting. This is also helpful especially in ensuring that the designated time is well spent in managing a meeting and coming up with logical and right decision-making. You don't need to conduct lots of meetings or plan for numerous conference schedule just to resolve issues or clarify project plans, a well-organized meeting is enough to lay down concerns on a table. 

Meeting checklist is useful in various events, this can be used but not limited to a seminar, board meeting, team meeting, and a community meeting. To come up with a simple yet detailed meeting checklist design,  you only have to list down all the agenda items of the meeting and as possible present a comprehensive agenda layout out from it. 

How To Make A Meeting Checklist?

Checklist making is an easy task that you can even do with less time used. As long as you have the details and designs for it, you can easily print it out and hand a copy to the team. Stated below are the tips that we prepared just for you so that you will have ideas on how to make a meeting checklist.

1. Identify Your Team

Simply knowing who your audience is will help you prepare for a complete list of agenda to discuss with. This is for you to be ready on what possible challenges or questions they may raise. During the meeting, it would be easier for you to present the agenda because you have knowledge of how the officials behave and look.

2. Know the purpose

Right after you identify the members of your team or the participants of the meeting, you have to know what is its purpose. This is necessary for you to check on what details to include that will fit on what is the purpose of the meeting. It would be a shame if you are making a checklist not even relevant to the agenda, right? 

3. Write Down The Agenda

Prepare a certain goal to achieve in the meeting. Jot down all the notions that need to be discussed. In the checklist making, this part really took most of your time.  You have to go back to your goals and check if there are needs for a reassessment of the project goals. Also, you have to search for new approaches to address the team's concerns. 

In writing down the agenda, you can refer to but not limited to the quality assurance plan, guest speaker agenda, and panel discussion agenda. 

4. Leave Blank Space

For you to check if your lists are catered, leave blank space for further comments or space for you to put a checkmark indicating the whatever you listed went well during the meeting. 

5. Review of Meeting's Agenda

In your checklist, include the part wherein you will encode the summary of the meeting's agenda.