Corporates usually have a big number of employees to work for them. The bigger the number, the larger the chance of encountering a problem within the company. And one way to solve these problems is to gather your team in one roof - through a meeting. If you plan to have a meeting, check out our Meeting Invitation Templates. These are available in Microsoft Word, Microsoft Publisher, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, and Apple Pages file formats. It is made convenient for you since it is 100% customizable and editable. It is available in 5x7 inches + Bleed printable size. Download one for your company now!

What is a Meeting Invitation?

A meeting invitation is a piece of paper given in inviting someone to attend a meeting or conference. The invitation details include the time and date, the venue, the attendees, and how to RSVP. Some companies send invitations through email. But big companies usually print and post it in the bulletin board for everyone to see it.

How to Create a Meeting Invitation

A poorly organized meeting can cost $399 billion in the U.S. and $58 billion in the U.K, according to Doodle's 2019 State of Meetings report. That figure can be a factor of the business ineffectiveness in terms of income. However, Doodle states some suggestions to make a meeting more efficient and effective. They suggest having clear objectives and agenda for your meeting, minimize the attendees, and use visual aids such as videos and presentations. In other words, preparation is a must beforehand. After this preparation, you can now start giving out meeting invitations. Know how to create one by following the tips below.

1. Plan for the Meeting

To create a smooth flow of the event, one should do the planning beforehand. You should know the availability of the attendees in choosing the time and date of the meeting. You don't want that no one comes to the meeting. One important thing that you also need to prepare is the agenda.

2. Make the Design Layout

Since it is an invitation card, it has to be noticeable by everyone. It does not mean that since it is a formal invitation, it has to be a plain and clean card. You can inject some aesthetic features to make your card more attractive and catchy. You can do it by adding colors to your card and creating borders. It is vital to use readable fonts to avoid confusion on the readers.

3. State the Purpose of the Meeting

Meetings can happen for different purposes. You can have an official meeting name like "Business Summit 2020", "2019 Annual Company Meeting", or " 2nd General Assembly". The title depends on the purpose of the gathering. It is important to highlight the meeting title so that your attendees will have an idea of what will be the agenda.

4. Determine the Event Details

Your invitation card should contain the information that the attendees must know, like the time and date of the meeting and the venue where the meeting will happen. Also, it is essential to include RSVP so that you will know the number of attendees beforehand, and you can make adjustments like the venue or the amount of food. Your invitation card must be accurate to prevent misleading information.

5. Highlight Important Details

Some companies conduct meeting with other segments. They often include the awarding of the best employee or a short seminar. If you're doing it alike, it is necessary to take this note in your sample invitation letter. Moreover, you can highlight the speaker or the one that will officiate the meeting.

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