Monthly Schedule Templates

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There are so many things that can be done within a month's time that some may find it difficult to keep track of them all. If you want to make sure that you are able to, then downloading our professionally made monthly Schedule Templates is a must! Each one that we have available can be opened with standard programs such as Microsoft Word or Microsoft Excel, What that means is that you can easily open and edit them until they cover everything that you need them to! We also have a good amount of these templates for you to choose from! So if you need one for your monthly workout sessions or even for those routine business meetings, we have it right here. Start downloading them now or join our subscription plans to enjoy all of our high-quality templates today! 

What Is a Monthly Schedule?

As its name suggests, this is the type of schedule that's meant to help you plan out your monthly tasks. It's exactly what you need for better time management as with it, you'll always be reminded of what it is that you have to do and the day and time in which you need to do it. 

How to Create a Monthly Schedule?

monthly schedule template

1. Know Why You Need to Make It

It is always important that you know the reason as to why you need to make this type of schedule. Is it for covering all of the employee shifts within every month? Is it to help you with your monthly cleaning duties? Be sure to figure this out as you'll need to in order to know what your simple schedule is supposed to contain.

2. Create the Schedule's Table 

Now you'll need to use programs such as Apple Numbers or Microsoft Excel that allows you to make your schedule's table. When doing this, choose a style that you know will allow you to cover everything that you need to. Be sure that there are enough blocks or cells to cover all of the days within the month and all the other items that you are going to include.

3. List Down the Items That You Need to Include

Remember that what you will be placing into your monthly schedule will depend entirely on its purpose. Let's use the example of a monthly schedule that's meant to point out employee shift schedule. You'll want to put in the names of every employee that should be covered as well as additional details such as their position titles and department. For monthly schedules that point out the tasks that have to be done, just be sure to provide a detailed description for each one.

4. Organize Every Item on Your Schedule

This is especially important for monthly schedules that include a printable list of tasks/activities that need to be started and completed. Consider the order of all the things that have to be done within the month's time. Figure out which items on the list have to be prioritized and which ones have deadlines so that you'll have an idea on how to organize everything.

5. Provide the Date and Time

Now comes the part where you will need to point out the date and time that each item has to be covered by. You will first need to consider if the schedule is meant to only cover a specific month or if it's for all succeeding months. Once you have figured that out, you may designate each item on the date and time that they're expected to be started and finished. If you want to be more specific in terms of when they have to be done, provide the month, day, and year when writing down the date.