Personal Recommendation Letter Templates

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Do you have someone that you want to recommend for a company position? You may want to write a personal letter of recommendation, but let's say you are not confident in your writing skills. In that case, you can instead check out Personal Recommendation Letter Templates and make use of our original and professionally composed ready-made templates. Download and customize one of our templates and secure that job position for your friend today.

How to Write a Personal Letter of Recommendation

Writing a personal letter of recommendation can greatly aid a person in their search for employment. This is because this kind of letter can serve as proof of the person's merit. Writing a personal letter of recommendation means you are vouching for the person you are recommending. If you want to know how to write a recommendation letter, we have a few tips below.

1. Write the Introduction

Every formal letter should start with an introduction. This is where you will begin with your recommendation letter. When writing the introduction, make sure to introduce yourself and the person you are going to recommend. Address the recipient politely and professionally.

2. Specify Why you Would Recommend Someone for a Position

The main reason why you are writing a personal letter of recommendation for a person is so that he or she could secure the job. However, you will have to be a bit more specific when mentioning why you recommend a person for a job. You can begin by mentioning their merits and positive traits.

3. State Evidences of the Recommended Person's Positive Traits

After mentioning the positive traits of the person you are recommending, you have to back it up with situations that displayed these positive traits. You should mention the instances that the subject of the letter has displayed his or her merit.

4. Conclude the Letter on a Positive Note

To end the letter properly, you have to conclude on a positive note. After elaborating why the company should accept the application of the person you are recommending, you can go the extra mile by suggesting a job interview with the applicant.

5. Include the Contact Information of the Person You Are Recommending

You can help the applicant become an employee of the company he is applying to by ensuring that you have included his or her contact information.


  • What are the benefits of using the ready-made letter templates?

      1. Using the letter templates will let you write recommendation letters without having to do it from scratch.
      2. Each template can be edited without using dedicated software applications.
      3. You can save time and effort when you customize the ready-made contents of the letter templates.
  • What are recommendation letters?

      Recommendation letters are written to endorse an applicant. It details the merits and positive traits of the applicant in question.

  • What are the advantages of writing recommendation letters?

      1. Having a recommendation letter with you can increase the chances of your application being accepted.
      2. The recommendation letters are designed to serve as proof of your positive traits.
  • Can you use a single recommendation letter multiple times?

      Yes, recommendation letters can be used multiple times, but it is better if recommendation letters are tailor-fitted to its intended recipient to avoid confusion.