Representative Resume Templates

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What Is A Representative Resume?

A representative resume is a document that contains all the relevant academic, personal, and professional background a person has to qualify for a job as a representative. And just like other kinds of resumes, a representative resume may be printed on paper or stored digitally in PDF or Doc files.

This kind of resume may be used when applying for customer support representative, sales, collections, financial services, medical, insurance, front desk, gym, wholesale, promotional, legal or banking jobs. The main purpose of a resume is to inform an employer or hiring manager about your eligibility for a position in an easy to read yet non-boring manner.

Below, we have compiled numerous resume writing tips to Improve your resumes. Combine these tips with professional resume examples that you can see in the template collection above.

How to Make a Representative Resume

1. Play With Colors

It only takes about six seconds for a recruiter to peruse your resume and determine if it's going to the discard pile outer not. Therefore, it's in your best interest to make your resume look as enticing as possible. You can easily achieve this by following a color scheme.

Choose colors that reflect your personality or the impression you wish to create. For example, if you want a formal and no-nonsense for your customer service resume, you may go for a black and white or monochromatic color palette.

2. Follow a Uniform Layout

The layout that your document is another factor that determines the readability of your resume. Remember, hiring managers receive up to 250 resumes for every corporate job posting. And to make your representative resume worthy of a hiring manager's time you must use an organized and clutter-free layout.

When your representative resume or cover letter is clean and organized, it is easier to skim over and understand. Once an employer can quickly understand the contents of your professional resume, you are more likely able to proceed to the next round of the hiring process.

3. Highlight Only Relevant Achievements

A resume is a summary of your qualifications for a particular position or job. Hence, when making a representative resume, it is essential to include only the information that is most relevant for the job.

Do not write long paragraphs detailing all the jobs you've had since high school. If possible, choose a one-page resume layout and write down only the positions that are most relevant to the representative position.

4. Always Proofread

It may be disheartening to learn but almost a third of recruiters and hiring managers will disregard your resume if they find at least one grammar or typographical error in it. That's why it is very important to proofread your resume before sending it in.

If you are using resume builders or resume sample templates, be sure to recheck the document for this issue. If possible, you may ask a friend or relative to review the resume for you. Do not waste your time and energy in creating a representative resume only for it to be thrown away shortly after submitting it.

5. Skip The Photo

For most states or countries, it is not recommended to add photos on resumes due to anti-discrimination laws and fair hiring practices. So to avoid not being considered for a representative job, be sure to check the recruiter’s or the employer’s policies before sending your resume.

A well-written resume is one that succinctly summarizes your skills and background. Let your representative resume speak on its own without the need for your photo.