Health and Hygiene is the first measure to check the standard of a business. Cleanliness also adds an extra pointer to your restaurant. The cleaner and healthier it appears, the more customers it tends to bring. If you own a similar business, you must make cleaning checklists, form cleanliness agreements, etc. And at, we are more keen to make your business more successful than you are. Download our time-saving, 100% customizable cleaning templates in MS Word, Apple Pages, Google Docs, that include a form to hire personnel, schedules to take care of duties and many more to take care of your outlet's neatness. Simply get and personalize with your own data and get your cleanliness documents prepared! Cleanliness is after all not running away from dirt but in cleaning it with care!

How to make a Cleanliness Checklist?

A cleanliness checklist and the things you need to take care of depends on the size of the restaurant you own. However, some common pointers to help you in making the checklist includes:

  • The Activity

List the duties in the order that they are to be completed.

  • The Time-frame

Assign clear time limits within which the work has to be completed. Consider the time limit you have and the break time. Also, keep some gap between every two activities to avoid getting the employee worked-up. You can make a weekly cleaning schedule for the purpose as well.

  • The Check-boxes

Make check-boxes to tick-off after the activity is done. This will help you in measuring how much time you are requiring to complete every cleanliness task.

  • Categorize

Take up one room at a time. Give more attention to the kitchen and the restrooms for they have the most chances of getting unclean.

  • Assign Authority

You can mention the name of the person-in-charge for the day. That will help the employees know which duties are to be completed by them and when.

The same pattern can be used to make cleaning schedules as well. Or else download readymade cleaning and equipments scheduling templates from our site pre-designed with the categories and simply personalize to create your own documents. Hurry!

What is a Cleaning Agreement?

The cleaning of a restaurant or a retail shop is not as easy as cleaning a house. There are a number of sectors involved in each. Also, in each sector, the cleaning activities are more than one. The contract for cleaning thus needed to be handed to someone who has both experience and expertise in the field. A cleaning agreement outlines the contract of cleaning and its various specifications. These include:

  • The name of the cleaning company
  • The date of the agreement
  • The tenure of the contract
  • The payment
  • The terms and conditions
  • The consequences of the breach of contract.

At, we have prepared customizable cleaning agreements with options to personalize the details. Now you can save both time and effort in thinking the different categories that must go into your neatness agreements. Put your energy in making your restaurant business more creative and successful instead.

If your company offers cleaning services, you can make use of the cleaning proposal template by us, to send out your ideas and proposal to get selected by restaurants for cleaning contracts.

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