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What is an Employee Meal Card?

Organizations or companies provide food allowance to their employees occasionally. To circulate the offer, the HR department hand over an employee meal card to everyone. This meal card is under the confinement of certain restrictions and condition that employees has to follow. The terms can be picking 3-5 dishes out of all served, a timeline, and so on. There are some other voucher cards too. When these are provided to employees they get compensated.

How to make a Restaurant Meal Card?

Do you require creative ideas to make a brief meal card for your restaurant plan? Ease a little and choose our sample card templates to do the task in a few minutes. We follow minute detail and choose the color, graphics, and typography suiting different restaurant theme and identity. Keep the minute points in mind if you want to try your hand at this work:

Create a File

While doing a creative job, Adobe Photoshop can be easy to operate and your best partner. Take a new file and attractive concise layouts. Do the border layering at the card frame.

Theme and Graphics

To make your meal cards attractive, you can thematically use graphics. You can establish a connection between the restaurant and the setting of the card arranging the images and colors according to the restaurant theme.

Itemize the Card

Place the items and meals option on the menu card. Start with appetizers, proceed with the main course, combo meals, addon meals, unique dishes, etc. Also, add the price of each item in the card against their name.

Style the content

Style the items added in the restaurant sheet by sizing and adding specific typography. Align them on the left side of the page or in the center. Utilize the negative space on the page to balance the words, graphics, and colors altogether.

Recheck and Save

After you have completed your task, recheck every layer minutely, and save the document. Now, you can use it both in printable or in softcopy format.

If you want to advertise your food items in the market, such meal cards are useful. You can also offer discount cards to your existing customers for loyalty that motivates them to choose you over other restaurants. At, we have all sorts of cards you need. Have a look at our page and simplify your tasks.

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