What Is A Restaurant Media Kit?

A restaurant media kit, also known as a press kit, is a promotional document that contains information about a restaurant and its offers.

How To Create A Restaurant Media Kit

Any business can become popular through word of mouth. And with the help of a journalist and food bloggers, your restaurant business may boom. Follow our guide on how you can create a restaurant media kit that will catch the eye of journalists or food bloggers.

1. Prepare your Layout

When an individual looks at your media kit, it should be able to tell that it belongs to your company right away. To do that, incorporate your company colors to your layout and present your company logo on the cover page.

2. Compose an Introduction

A business media kit should always start with an introduction to hook your readers. And your introduction should contain your company's mission and vision, a brief history of your restaurant, and awards and achievements.

3. Provide your Contact Information

Dedicate a space for your contact information in your media kit. It should contain an active phone number, your website, and your social media accounts.

4. Highlight your Dishes

The star of your modern media kit should be your offers. To highlight them, include photos for each food item and beverages you offer and provide a brief description for each.

5. Don't Forget to Proofread

After you've completed making the media kit, go over your work once again to ensure there are no spelling errors, grammatical errors, or missing or wrong information. And go over it twice just to make sure. Then, have others look at it and point out mistakes and errors. Lastly, be sure to invest in quality printing, so you don't compromise the quality of the press kit.

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