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What is Restaurant Sales Report?

A restaurant is a very fast-paced operating institution that does its business every day from morning to evening. This business might differ from days to days, weeks, and especially in festive seasons. To know how much have you profited from each business day or week accounting and calculating all the profit, loss, expense, etc. is vital. If you are not doing that, you are contributing to your business fall.

What are the Important Components of Restaurant Daily Sales Report?

A daily restaurant sales and marketing report should firstly add all the monetary gains you made in a day. Further, please specify how you made it in summary. To state it precisely, we have framed the fact in the following points.

Generated Revenue

In this section, specify all the sources of income differently. For example, if your restaurant is collecting it by food sales, beverages or alcohol sales, retail sales, gift certificate sales, tips, delivery charges, etc. Specify everything differently and minutely. If you are accounting on food, take data of breakfast, lunch, and dinner separately. Do the same with the other categories too.

Offsets to Revenue

This refers to the income generated by customers using discounts, coupons or vouchers, gift cards, comped items, etc. While earning from this sort of source, account the full value of the individual item, and state the discounted price differently. This process helps to calculate how the promotion drive is resulting.

Received Payments

Different customers would like to pay using various payment methods. Record receipt details separately in separate columns for each credit card type like Mastercard, Visa. Account cash in a different column. Keep another column for payments via phone apps, cryptocurrency, etc. Maintaining data in varying lines help in easy financial management.

Total Everything

In the end, summing all the details up is crucial to see how much have you have profit and loss the business caused. To do that, minus revenue offsets from total revenue. For the non-cash payment methods, subtraction of payments from cards or others is necessary, which you will anyway get via electronic bank deposit.

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