What is the Restaurant Catalog?

It is a food menu with a collection of tempting food items, combo packages, individual price, artistic and attractive unique item pictures, etc. Normally, this type of papers contain high-resolution pictures of food to attract more patrons. A restaurant sample catalog can be any sheet, flyer, booklet, leaflet, etc. that informs customers about the menu details.

How to Make a Restaurant Catalog?

Have you wondered the food menu also has some impact on customers? The document is more than a mere channel of communication imparting what you have available to serve. While talking about communication, it is vital to add visuals too communicates and impact our perspective. A simple catalog serves this purpose. Designed creatively and framed with artistic pictures and descriptions, it inspires customers to order more. We have specified the process of making the document in the following points:

Create a New File

Create a file, and We suggest choosing Adobe photoshop would be best. You can choose any other application as per your convenience. The primary purpose of a catalog is to convey the dishes and cuisines details available for serving in the restaurant. Thus pick an editor through which you can convey your message properly.


Design the cover page and back page of the booklet at priority. Since these two are the most important and time taking process, it is better to wind them up initially. Be creative and push your limits in designing it. Remember only one rule, add content, and do not make it look clumsy or overdone.

Add Graphics

Paste the most exclusive and exotic food items in your restaurant and paste your contact details on the back page for accessible communication with the customers. A restaurant product catalogs frame fewer food items on a single page. Continue it with minute description and price details. You can attach a tempting image of the dish.

Categorize Items

Keep different cuisines on separate pages and do not mix all in meals in common. Keep an extra page for specifying all sorts of beverages. After all, recheck the frame and save and print it for your use.

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