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Being a caterer, having a purposeful marketing proposal becomes vital for survival in market competition. Never avoid this crucial aspect as it is the most powerful way to direct the right audience towards your eatery. Create your restaurant marketing proposal templates and let your business partner know your goals. With it, you can stimulate the interest of your potential clients. provides 100% customizable and printable template files that are ready-made, high-quality, and easy to use. Here, we also offer templates such as restaurant marketing business proposal, restaurant digital marketing proposal, and social media marketing plan that will surely save time since these are professionally written and easily editable. You can purchase these templates available in Google Docs, MS Word, and Apple Pages format. With our different templates, we guarantee your satisfaction. What are you waiting for? Grab these templates now!

What Is A Restaurant Marketing Proposal?

A marketing plan or proposal is a comprehensive document that outlines the advertising and marketing efforts. Its timeframes are usually of years or months with strategic plans on marketing a brand name. These sorts of papers are vital to restaurant success. But it is not the endpoint. It goes on framing your business goals, target audience, deciding methods of approach to execution of plans and strategies. A marketing proposal holds every minute detail. Is your project ready yet? If not, no worries cause we have numerous options for you at our site Have a look at our pre-outlined and structured templates. 

How To Make A Winning Restaurant Marketing Proposal?

restaurant marketing proposal template

The unfortunate truth is that when many catering services or restaurants decide to up their marketing game, they do not usually create a restaurant advertising plan first. What they don't realize is that creating a strategy pays off the long run. Without a plan, it's just like going to a battle without preparing any weapon. Here are steps for making a restaurant marketing proposal to optimize your efforts toward success. 

1. Set An Objective

You'll never get to reach your destination if you don't have any direction in getting there. Same as setting your goals for the success of your business. What are you trying to gain from your restaurant advertising? The first thing you have to do in making a restaurant marketing plan is to evaluate your business' needs. After doing so, you'll be able to associate the proper objectives for your program. Remember to note down goals that follow the SMART outline:

Specific: Objectives indicate direct responsibility and are transparent.

Measurable: Objectives must be measurable. There should be weekly or monthly reporting to management and employees about where they stand in their advancement toward achieving the objectives.

Attainable: The whole management proposal must believe that they can accomplish the objectives; otherwise, they will not even try.

Relevant: Your business' objectives must align with the aims of the business. Each purpose must be a piece of the puzzle that makes up the steps of the company's direction.

Timely: Objectives must have a time limit. Not having time constraints will lead to lazy employees and not doing their part in giving efforts without any feeling of urgency.

2. Set Marketing Goals

After you know the purpose, the next thing to do is to set goals that identify what it means to attain that objective. These will give you something to measure against to see if you need corrections. Remember to have a specific and quantifiable goal.

3. Plan For A Budget

Think about your top-line income when you set your objectives. The number should be multiplied by 3 percent. That's the estimated number spent on marketing by restaurants. Although if you have more extra money to add to the restaurant budget, you could go as high as 6 percent. Thus, you will have to plan your specific needs and then squeeze accordingly. But this is a great place to start.

4. Identify Your Target Audience

You should think of your ideal customer. Try to list down their name, age, gender, location, industry, and work position. After knowing a little about your customers, plan to think about knowing how they react to your business. The main point here is to learn to speak to your customers' language. But remember that you will require various branding proposal for every customer segment.

5. Know Your Customers' Needs

Explore the "whys" of your customers' needs when creating your sample proposal. Decide to take down all the requirements. Possibly, you will be researching regarding basic needs of customers. When you know what they're looking for, eventually, you can start to work backward to create a marketing plan that would match their needs. 

6. Identify What You Can Offer

Now, try listing down three to four promises you can give to your customer. Say they're concerned about providing healthy options. You can say: “We assure you to serve the best smoothie bowls ever.”

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