Restaurant Schedule Templates

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If you want to do a great restaurant business, respect ‘time’. Stephen R. Covey’s lines, “The key is in not spending time, but in investing it,” best justify it. Achieving business goals is possible with proper scheduling of the restaurant duty hours. Got no time? Do not worry; we have got every schedule template you require. Easily editable and customizable, we have templates ready for all teams at your store. Available in formats like Microsoft Word, Apple Pages, Google Docs, Microsoft ExcelApple Numbers, Google Sheets. Try our several options and choose the template best for restaurant operations with an affordable monthly subscription plan today!

What are the Purpose of the Restaurant Schedule?

When you are serving food to customers, proper work scheduling is vital. Such daily schedules cover a shift, leave, overtime, etc. of every employee and staff member. Thus to specify and record all shift details, a planned work schedule can help smooth functioning in your restaurant. Apart from this, if you have planned a cleaning operation, such well-planned programs make it easier.

How to Make a Restaurant Schedule?

Making a weekly schedule for your restaurant operations depends on how vast the responsibility it has. We can simplify the process by segmenting the entire work in specific steps. 
Step 1: Specify weekdays, particularly in separate columns. 
Step 2: Specify shifts with each timeframe, also specify space for time offs and leaves.
Step 3: Specify duties nad works that require employee attention. 
Step 4: Add worker’s names in the separate rows and assign each several responsibilities.
Step 5: Recheck and review the document and share it with the different teams.   

What are the Different Shifts Types in Restaurants?

Fixed Shifts: It refers to the fixed shifts schedules which are not allowed to any rotations.  

The Split Shifts: In this duty period, the staff members complete their duty hours in two shifts, like one in lunch and the other at dinner time. Hourly schedules are better to keep a record of such service. 

The Rotating Shift: Employees can switch their shifts from one timeframe to another weekly. 

On-call Shifts: The employees cover their operations and duties on phone calls. 

Swing Shifts: In such shifts, employees are allowed to start work from mid-afternoon to late at night. 

Overtime Shifts: As the name suggests, in overtime shifts, workers work beyond their assigned shift hours. 

No-schedule Shifts: The term doesn't mean these are simple schedules and are not planned. These are assigned y the Restaurant HR departments as per the need and without any regular routined shift. 

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