Gift giving is an act wherein we show our love and affection towards others by offering them presents in any form and shape. This is proven to be evident based on statistics, and thus we are offering you our ready-made Restaurant Gift Certificates Templates that you can gift your patrons. Our templates are downloadable and accessible in Microsoft Word file format. These samples are 100% customizable and easily printable for your convenience and quick tasking. What are you waiting for then? Subscribe now and download now to make one immediately!

What is a Restaurant Gift Certificate?

A restaurant gift certificate is a commercial document issued by restaurants exchangeable for specific cash value to avail meal in a restaurant. A gift certificate has value but cannot be converted into cash. Besides, it is a form of advertisement for restaurateurs to entice more patrons to dine in their restaurant.

How to Make a Restaurant Gift Certificate?

According to The Gate, more than 50% of Americans are last-minute shoppers in any holiday celebration—birthday, Valentine's Day, Christmas Day, Thanksgiving, and more. With the rush, they tend to find an easy alternative, and what present can be bought conveniently? Gift certificates, specifically restaurant gift certificates. Thus, if you want to make a custom and fancy restaurant gift certificate, scroll down as we are providing some easy-to-follow tips to make a simple certificate.

1. Prepare the Data Checklist

To officially start the certificate making process, you need to collect the data that you need to include in your certificate. Usually, a certificate is a small piece of paper, so too much information can make it cluttered. With that, extract the key points from your data and include it in your checklist. For example, if you wanted to produce a simple certificate for a meal, include information like the specific redeemable meal and its corresponding value.

2. Set the Layout

You cannot start from a blank canvas, so now that you have your data, set the layout appropriately to accommodate the details perfectly. Or, download a fitting sample certificate template from our beautifully-designed and professionally written templates. Need not to worry about its accessibility as you can edit and customize it in Microsoft Word.

3. Incorporate Design Elements

If you thought of a printable certificate, you would think about a piece of paper with minimal colors and designs. But, for a gift certificate, incorporating these design elements is an advantageous thing to do as it helps your gift certificate stand out from others. With that, incorporate design elements that would greatly complement with what type of certificate you are making. For instance, if you wish to produce a dinner gift certificate, insert an image of your scrumptious main course. Then, incorporate complementing colors.

4. Include Specific Dates

Including dates into your certificate is an important thing to do. Aside from that, you would know when its validity, it would also compel the holder to avail of the gift certificate within the specified period. Moreover, it would be convenient for you to record the transaction as you would have a record of each issued gift certificate through the indicated dates. Include the date of the basic certificate issuance. Most importantly, include the expiry date of the certificate.

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