Restaurant Label Templates

Make a Restaurant Label Online with Professional Designs using’s Free Restaurant Label Templates. Choose a Template Sample with a Premade Logo, Name, Product Details, Border, Background, Typography, Brand Identity, and Color that You can Easily Edit, Customize, and Print.See more

Free Restaurant Label Template, Printable, Download

Get’s premade restaurant label designs in solid or transparent layout that are fully customizable and printable. Choose from sticker label designs for food packaging, food products, food labels, food services, fast food, restaurant addresses, green labels, red labels, and labels for vegan or nonvegan food. Download your restaurant label template of choice for free in PNG or PDF file format.

Customize Restaurant Label, Sticker Online for Free and Download

Choose from restaurant label template samples in blank, vintage, or elegant designs in round, oval, square, or rectangle layouts for making survey, comment card, seal, or tag labels. Use on food products, coffee shops, or beer products, among other restaurant items. Customize your chosen template online using our graphic editor tool to customize the premade content, logo, illustration, vectors, and border to your specification. Download your printable template for free.


  • Why is a restaurant label important?

      A restaurant's label is considered its face. When the customer walks in, the label is the first thing they will see.

  • How does a restaurant label affect its marketing?

      A restaurant's label serves as a mark of its brand. If the restaurant's service is known to be excellent, everywhere that the brand will appear, people are sure to come. The label would serve as a stamp of quality.

  • What are the elements of a well-designed restaurant label?

      1. Well designed labels have visible and easy to read font.
      2. It has symbols that are easy to recognize.
      3. It is minimalist.
  • What can you use to design a restaurant label?

      Adobe InDesign
      Adobe Illustrator
      Adobe Photoshop