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What is a Restaurant Survey?

A restaurant survey is a form that is used by the restaurant owners to effectively measure the customer on how their restaurant business plan is being perceived by the customers. This survey is used to understand the customers' satisfaction with the services in a restaurant business. This can be used to assess the customers' needs, understand the problems of the dishes served or the lapses of the services. Restaurant surveys often use rating scales or questions to measure the feedbacks and gain more understanding if you are meeting your customers' expectations or not. It helps the restaurant business to focus on creating and reinforcing flexible experiences for the customers so that they will maintain the trust they put on your restaurant. The survey will also help your business to add more customers.

According to, studies show satisfied clients tend to buy products more often and develop loyalty to a particular brand. Customer satisfaction surveys give firms specific information about positive and negative perceptions of the customers, which could improve marketing or sales efforts. This is why it is important to have a restaurant survey for you to improve what must be improved in your restaurant.

How to Make a Restaurant Survey

restaurant survey template

Statistics show in that 91% of restaurant survey results are being patronized by the customers while 15% of the customers are being provided with feedback. A properly constructed restaurant survey questionnaire must enlighten the customers to respond. Here are the following instructions on how to make a reliable restaurant survey.

1. Know your Target Market

Conduct a restaurant target market analysis. Are you going to ask current customers? Do you want to let the customers voluntarily give feedback if they want to? As mentioned from, response rates can soar past 85% when the respondent population is motivated and the survey is well-executed, on the other hand, response rates can also fall below 2% when the respondent population is less-targeted, when contact information is unreliable, or where there is less incentive or little motivation to respond. That is why it is relevant to know your target market before conducting the survey. You can also give the restaurant survey right after they have eaten.

2. Provide Questions

From the same article, it stated that it is a best practice is to keep your survey as brief as possible. Give at least five (5) survey questions for you to ask your customers. As much as possible provide easy questions to make your customers comfortable. You can choose a specific type of questionnaire like open-ended, close-ended, rating scale, dichotomous questions, and so on. Only ask what you really want to know.

3. Ask for Overall Rating

Other than having the questions where it is only focused on your own restaurant's aspects, an overall rating will give you an insight into how your restaurant is going well with the other restaurants. This will be your basis to have a comparison or competitive analysis with other restaurants.

4. Present Open Feedbacks or Comments

Having open feedback is optional for the customers to fill it out. Just present this part on the restaurant survey just in case your customer would like to share his or her own feedback about your restaurant. Another option would be giving out comment cards to the customers.

5. Compile the Results

Gather all the restaurant survey questionnaires for you to compile the results. By using statistics to compute the results, you will be able to evaluate your restaurant's progress and lapses. With the results, you can actually make some improvements to your restaurant. You can also share the survey ratings and results on your website or social media pages to share the good news.

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