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How To Make a Restaurant Gift Card

As revealed by Statista, the 2010’s 91 billion US dollar gift card sales rose for up to approximately 160 billion US dollars sales recently in 2018. It signified the upward trend and strategy that continuously have opted by several forms of businesses in the US. With this great beneficial statistical evidence, making use of gift cards on your restaurant businesses as part of your marketing scheme should be seen as your great advantage. Run through these key points in finishing your specific restaurant gift card.

1. Add a Logo for Credibility

Before anything else, make sure to incorporate your restaurant logo on your restaurant gift card. This adds validity and reliability to your restaurant gift cards that your potential users will rely on. It is advisable to place the logo on the front page and the top portion of your restaurant gift card.

2. Spell Out the Terms and Conditions

Your restaurant gift card may be small, but one of its must-have sections is a clear presentation of terms and conditions. Due to its small size, you must compose these details briefly and cohesively. Follow a simple and basic sentence structure that the average reader can easily understand. If your terms and conditions are lengthy, list them down using bullet points. This is to breakdown intricate instructions of your restaurant business into simpler structures.

3. Highlight the Special Deals

What makes a simple restaurant gift card highly sought-after is the special deals that come with it. What certain foods are covered, when and how these can be availed, and what to try on your new set of buffet perhaps. These are the pieces of information that you need to include in a restaurant gift card.

In presenting your offerings, make it easily readable and memorable to your target customers. You can highlight it by wording your special deals using fancy or classy writing style, changing the font style, adding with special graphical elements depending on your business’ unique branding. Usually, this exclusive deal must be displayed at the center of your restaurant card.

4. Indicate the Validity

One important element in any gift card is its validity. It adds the element of scarcity, which urges people to buy a gift card. Your restaurant gift certificate or gift card's validity will remain up to your decision. Generally, in the US, gift cards are given at least five years of validity. Nevertheless, this must be clearly indicated on every gift card, including your restaurant gift card. Specify it’s validity date anywhere in the gift card where it can be seen and read with no difficulties.

5. Include Crisp and Clear Images

Your restaurant gift card is only a brief composition of images and words. In tailoring image/s, make sure the image/s employed is/are on its high-resolution or quality. The image size must also be accordingly patterned in the design, considering the tiny size of your editable card.

6. Remain Reachable

On your restaurant gift cards, allocate an ample amount of space for your contact details. Feature your contact numbers, social media pages, websites, email addresses, and if you have QR codes, you must also include them.

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