What is the purpose of a Restaurant Reservation?

Want to serve a greater audience than yesterday? Table booking facility can help you and save your money too. If you are a brand in the market, customers will come feeling delighted. To provide everyone a pleasant and a rush free experience reservation of tables is useful. Such a facility in itself is a promotion of the brand as satisfied diners promote it among their family and friends.

How to Make a Restaurant Table Reservation Sheet?

If you are allowing table booking services at your eatery, keep the following points in mind.

Document the Sheet

Create a file, and we would suggest Google Docs as you can give access to customers for online bookings in this sheet.

Basic Details

Take details of the reserving individual in one column. The details should be his or her name, contact number, or email id.

Record Booking Details

Ask for reservation information. It includes the total number of guests, desired table number, date, arrival, and departure time of the guests.

Confirmation Column

One column should be left to update the customers to notify them of their booking status, i.e., confirmed or not.

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