Restaurant Sales Templates

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How to Calculate Restaurant Sales?

While doing any business, you want to earn more than you spent, right? If you were not holding daily all expense and income records, start it from now onwards. A well-calculated restaurant sales book can tell you about the progress, both positive and negative. It would also be helpful to make an alternative restaurant plan on sales if the existing one does not look adequate. Recorded data makes easy and quick sales calculations for each business session. The process requires to have information on several points specified below.

  • Make a restaurant sales report, or use one from our site, and record the total number of guests served in each shift per day. Use restaurant invoices and restaurant receipts for billing each sale. 
  • Keep a record of the tables used in each shift service and update the sales report. 
  • Keep an average record of each shift total sales by dividing it with the total number of customers served. 
  • Record average turns shift-wise by multiplying the sum number of occupied seats by the total number of turns. 
  • Lastly, multiply the total of daily average revenue by 4 to determine the monthly total sales income.

How to Increase Restaurant Sales? 

Increasing sales depends on how successfully you have established the regular customer base and attracting the new ones. Restaurant HR departments often engage in different actions to expand their sales reach. Some of the useful technique apart from restaurant marketing and promotions can be: 
Offering unique dishes and cuisine options and beverage choices.

  • Arrange proper space for parties and events.
  • Serve for extended meal periods. 
  • Design creative and attractive food menu and food platters are always impactful.

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