Restaurant Invoice Templates

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A customer needs to pay the items he ordered in a restaurant, that's why restaurant owners issue invoices. If you own a restaurant and you need an invoice, our Invoice Templates are the ones you need to avail! All templates are 100% editable and customizable. You only need to put your own words and it's good to go. The templates are also printable in your home and office. These are available in various file formats, such as Word, Excel, and Google Docs. create an invoice in a snap by downloading our templates now!

What is a Restaurant Invoice?

A restaurant invoice is a check or bill that customers receive. It states the amount they have to pay for the items they have ordered from the menu. This type of invoice enables the restaurant to track its sales income, which in turn helps in maintaining and managing the finances of the business. 

How to Make a Restaurant Invoice

Almost all restaurants, even hotels, cafes, and other establishments, use invoices. It's a helpful tool that does wonders on how much you've earned. If you need one, read our tips below. 

1. Record Customer Information

Register the names and contact details of your customers. This information is needed when you print the invoice. Fill out invoice labels that need to be filled out. 

2. Itemize the Order List

List the food and beverage items that the customers ordered. Indicate the number of servings and the unit prices. Specify the date or order, invoice number, and the tax of each item. 

3. Incorporate Restaurant Details

Prepare the business logo, address, contact numbers, and company website of the restaurant. Add the terms and conditions that apply to the invoice, such as methods of payment. 

4. Format the Invoice

Arrange all the details on the invoice document. Make sure to use a clear format, so the invoice appears uncomplicated. The invoice may or may not be incorporated with design. A simple and minimal design would do. Check your design before printing it to spot some minor errors. Print duplicate copies for you and the customer. 


  • Why do restaurants need to manage their invoices?

      Restaurants need to manage their invoices because these help them in tracking down products that have not been sold, spoiled, or missing. Managing invoices also help restaurant owners monitor food costs easily and accurately. 

  • Why are invoices needed in restaurants?

      Though customers can calculate the amount of money they have to pay by adding up prices on the menu, there are some extra charges such as value added tax and service charges in every item they ordered. That's why invoices are much needed. 

  • What is the difference between an invoice and a receipt?

      Both an invoice and a receipt gives a purchase and payment summary, but they differ in the following:

      1. An invoice is a request for payment while a receipt confirms payment. 
      2. An invoice is issued before payment while a receipt is issued after payment.
      3. An invoice keeps a record of the sales. A receipt is used by buyers as a proof of payment. 

  • Do restaurants use electronic invoices?

      Some restaurants use electronic invoices. It's more convenient for restaurants to issue these kinds of invoices. It also saves them a lot of raw materials such as paper. Now that people can order food via mobile apps, electronic invoices are more useful than ever. Issuing electronic voices allows people to pay the bills electronically. 

  • How long does it take to get paid when issuing electronic invoices?

      That depends on how fast people respond to an electronic invoice via email. Some business owners say they get paid fast after issuing an electronic invoice to a customer.