What makes a Restaurant Invoice Valid?

When you take a food order giving a specified bill to the customer asking payment is a restaurant invoice. An invoice should be communicative to the payers. Either you issue it before or after the service, supplying a valid catering invoice is your responsibility as a seller. If your restaurant is registered for Value Added Taxes (VAT), every sample invoice must meet specific requirements under its regulations. Besides the tax, such documents are a legal paper, and it must include the following components:

  • The restaurant name, Trading location, and contact details
  • The customer name and contact details
  • Unique invoice serial number
  • Product description, quantity, and price details
  • Total price to be paid
  • Inclusive taxes (if applicable)
  • Preferred prepaid or the postpaid payment method of customer
  • Invoice issued date, estimated delivery and due date or time

What is the difference between an Invoice and a Receipt?

Both the documents brief about a purchase and payment summary. Having both the papers in your restaurant business plan is important and they are non-negotiable instruments. There are some differences between the two like

  • Business invoice requests for payment, whereas receipts, confirm payments.
  • Invoice is issued before payment, and receipts are issued after payments.
  • Invoices are helpful to the merchants to keep a record of the sales. Oppositely sales receipt is useful to the buyers as a proof document on made payment.

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