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What is Restaurant Organizational Chart?

It is a simple chart is a graphical representation of a hierarchical relationship within an organization. In a restaurant, this sort of diagram helps communicate and report departments in a chain of command. Restaurant organizational chart helps in enact communication plan and duty assignments in this fast-moving business.

How to Make a Restaurant Organizational Chart?

Restaurants are probably one of the busiest establishments that ever existed. That is why you'll need to establish a clear hierarchy of organizational structure if you want your restaurant to run smoothly. If you own any restaurant in your state, whether it's a fast-food chain, bakery, and others, this chart is useful to you. We have organized a simple step-by-step guide below that lets you showcase the relationship of every person in your business through a valid Restaurant Organizational Chart Template. It is how you should do it:

1. Classify Every Job Position

First of all, you have to identify every job position in your company. Since you own a restaurant, it is expected to have a drive-through associate, cleaning crew, kitchen staff, cashiers, chefs, supervisor, and above all, the executive management department. Gather every job description that you can list them down and then divide it later on by each department, for it is essential as we continue to the next step.

2. Collect Every Employee's Personal Info

Now that you have gathered and classified every job description in your company, it is now time to collect every personal information of your employees. Take their full name, their job titles/position in the restaurant, and a passport size photo of each one of them. These photos serve as an identification that he/she is a member and a part of the organization.

3. Sketch an Outline

Since you have already prepared every detail you need for your service organizational chart, and you have to sketch an outline from using these data. It is vital to create an overview so that you will have an idea or a preview of your final output. As the outline is ready, start with the head or the most notable person in your company, such as the managers, supervisors, and others. Then connect them down to the smaller departments.

4. Plan the Design

If possible, keep your chart designs minimal and straightforward. Please refrain using extravagant designs and layout, for it will only complicate the diagram's structure. Use shapes in presenting the flow of information such as boxes or squares. But if you don't want to use them, then you may prefer other forms as long as it can easily be understood by many. If you want to reduce the workload, downloading an online template is the perfect solution for that! Browse through our collection of Chart Templates above.

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