What is a Basic Certificate?

A basic certificate is a type of versatile document that is handed out on any occasion. For instance, for the business industry like a company or organization, a basic certificate is used to award an individual showcasing an exemplary performance at work. For an educational program, a basic certificate is awarded to faculty members who comply with the standard of the school.

How to Create a Basic Certificate?

If you are a company owner, head doctor, or a school principal, awarding them would mean uplifting someone's spirit up despite the hardships. Your employees' productivity will skyrocket if you award them for their hard work on a monthly or annual basis. What better way to do it? Through sample certificates. Do you want to know how? Personalize your certificates with these steps as guidelines in making basic certificates.

1. Choose a Software Program

Before anything else, choose the best software program as a certificate maker in creating your basic certificate. There are varieties of software programs such as Microsoft Word, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, Apple Pages, and Microsoft Publisher. Choose a user-friendly software program, has complete editing features, and easily downloadable in any computer and mobile device accessible to you. Afterward, proceed to the next step.

2. Pick a Template

After deciding which software program to use, pick a basic certificate that you will use that will fit in your event. For instance, if you wanted to make a gift certificate or an award certificate, seek for basic gift certificate template or basic award certificate template in trusted sites such as template.net. They offer you beautifully-designed and professionally-written templates for your everyday needs.

3. Formulate your Heading

Your heading must fit with the description of the purpose of your certificate. For attendance certificate, make use of a formal and professional title with minimal design. For an award certificate for students, you can indicate a playful logo together with the school's name, location, and contact number.

4. Know your Recipients

After your heading, now is a crucial part of the overall basic certificate. Know your recipients and highlight them into your certificate. For your safety, use bold and uppercase letters for emphasis. For award certificates, you can use funky and fun fonts for the recipient's name. If you are making a medical certificate, stay simple, and use formal fonts.

5. Write an Appropriate Footer

In every certificate, whether a training certificate or an education certificate, it must end with a notary section. You can include a congratulatory clause for the recipient. Afterward, indicate a section for the signature of the person behind the creation of the award. Whether it would be an administration member of a company or an organization, make sure to put a signature line above their names for signature.

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