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Students and professionals alike are required to make data analysis from time to time. Whether it is a dissertation requirement, an analysis required for work, or an entire presentation for a panel with the board, reporting and analyzing remain to be an important skill to have.

Many people make the mistake of collecting too much data and forgetting to organize them properly for analysis. As challenging as data analysis can be, insightful reporting is necessary in business because they can have a great impact on your Return of Investment (ROI) as you learn of opportunities to increase revenue. Allowing yourself to take a look at reports analyses, whether on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis can provide you with insights and comparisons of work and patterns to help you operate better.

In fact, studies have shown that data analytics is considered to be among the most important skills that a person can have, especially for marketing purposes. Whether in the form of data sheets or powerpoint, reports stated that 72 percent of marketers consider data analysis to be vital for business because it can come useful for social media, web development, and even search engine optimization. With social media networks already doing their own in-house analytics, it’s become more important to create valuable data analysis from networks such as Facebook, Twitter, and even LinkedIn to make more strategic business decisions. Thus, it is important that all those who are involved in the marketing process have data analysis skills to enable them to make better business decisions in the future.

Of course, taking courses that will help you better understand data analysis can be daunting, especially if you feel that you no longer have the time to commit to such amount of time and effort. This is why pro took its time and resources into creating analysis templates that will help make your job that much easier for you to learn. With spreadsheet templates made available in different customizable, downloadable formats, it is easier for you to create your own analytics reports. Simply scan our website for downloadable and printable copies of SWOT reports for data analysis. We also have blank templates that are editable according to your uses, so take a look at our vast template library now, only at

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