Sponsorship Proposal Templates

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What Is a Sponsorship Proposal?

A sponsorship proposal is a document that will serve as your sample proposal offer to do business with another individual or company. It needs to be as well-presented as possible and filled with enough useful information for those who receive this to gain a more thorough understanding of what awaits them should they decide to accept the offer. Such details include the resource allocated, competitive pricing, targeting the right people, and so much more.

How Do You Make a Sponsorship Proposal?

sponsorship proposal template

To create an effective, top-notch, and professional proposal, it is important to properly understand the specific steps that you need to undertake. Although some would think that this process is complex, the truth is that there are ways to ensure that the whole experience is not only made quicker but also much easier on your part. So without further ado, take a look at the following instructions:

1. Be Quite Clear on What You Have to Offer a Sponsor

Before you can create a professional or simple proposal and approach a prospective sponsor, you need to have a clear idea of what it is that you are going to offer them. Knowing this, you can help yourself narrow down the types of organizations that you can specifically target, thereby saving you precious time.

2. Identify the Sponsorship Opportunity

This is the first official step, and it works as an executive summary of sorts. With this, you just need to focus on all of the benefits that your sponsor can reap, as well as the potential outcomes you can guarantee them.

3. List Down All of Your Marketing Objectives

From there, it makes sense to outline all of your marketing objectives next, which can be agreed upon by your prospective sponsors, of course. Keep this part as detailed as possible, down to the percentages and the strategies and tactics that you can potentially employ.

4. Include a Measurement of Your Success

In this part of the proposal, you need to document all of the qualitative and quantitative metrics that you can use to properly measure how successful your sponsorship deal can be. Like the marketing goals, this must be written with what the sponsor is most likely to agree to.

5. Establish Your Unique Marketing Initiatives

For this step in the creation of your sponsorship proposal, you need to cite all of the unique marketing proposal initiatives that are meant to meet the objectives of your own sponsors. Similar to the last two steps, take special care to ensure that this can be adequately measured and can provide all of the required value.