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What Is a Proposal?

A business proposal is a value proposition on paper that presents problems and the corresponding solutions on a certain topic. It is a document written for a specific reason either to land on a job or get the approval of a project. Usually, it is sent to the company or the client or presented during a proposal pitch.

How to Write a Simple Business Proposal

There are three main types of business proposals, they are as follows: formally solicited, informally solicited, and unsolicited. A formally solicited proposal is a response to a requirement given by an organization or a company. Informally solicited proposals are results of an informal meeting between a client and a seller, the document is usually five to 25 pages long. Meanwhile, unsolicited proposals occur when a product proposal has been introduced without any direct connection between the seller and the client.

Your aim is to make a simple business proposal, but your data and facts should never fall short. Any proposal still needs careful planning. If you want to submit a persuasive proposal, refer to the items below.

1. Gather all Informational Resources

Research is very important in all business endeavors, especially when you are making a business proposal. Through your research, identify the main objectives proposal and if it coincides with the client's specifications. Also identify the pains, desires, and challenges of your future customers. Do some cursory research as it will really help you through the process of making the business proposal outline.

2. Define the Objectives and Goals

List your specific objectives and goals as to why you should carry out the business plan proposal successfully. If you present these statements to your client, you might get an edge over others thus, you get the approval of key investors.

3. State the Proposal

Present the proposal in a problem-solution manner. State out all the problems that need to be addressed then write down how your proposed plan will give the solution to these problems. Determine the benefits you can offer based on the buyers' demographics, wants and needs, as well as their purchasing schedule.

4. Write the Financial Specifics

Your simple business proposal should state out concisely all the calculated costs, quotations, and estimated overall revenue. Don't forget to ask the client if they have a target price and budget plan in mind so you can adjust your calculations and provide a better proposal. Clients need to see how much it's going to cost if they make a deal with you, so you must be careful in writing this part. It might be a crucial deal-breaker.

5. Review the Content

Proofread your proposal before sending it to a prospective client. For a better review, send it to somebody else to read over. Review the grammar, spelling, format, and tone of the overall document. Landing a deal is not as easy as it seems so you really have to make the content perfect.

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