A scene where a teacher happily teaches their students happily is one of the most heartwarming scenarios that one can picture. However, there will be a time where a teacher has to leave school because of personal reasons. For a teacher to leave his or her job, he or she must give an advance formal notice. Here is where a letter of resignation will be necessary. If the time has come and you have made up your mind to resign. Then check out Ready-Made Teacher Resignation Letter Templates. These templates can be edited after being downloaded either form your computer or mobile device.

How to Write a Teacher Resignation Letter?

Education is an admirable profession, but it is understandable that a teacher at some point has to leave their place of work, whatever their reasons are. Any professional is expected to write resignation letters when they decide to leave their company. Writing resignation letters is easy and you can learn how to write one with the steps written below.

1. Resignation Letters Start with the Heading

As a formal document, resignation letters must also follow the rules that guide the writing of letters. If you want to write a proper letter, then we would really suggest beginning with the header. In a header, you must write the date, your address, and the full name of your recipient, in this case, the principal.

2. Prepare a Proper Greeting for Your Recipient

You may have observed that letters always contained formal greetings. This part of the letter is called the salutations, you will find them in any letter. For example, cover letters and application letters. Your aim in writing this portion is to address the recipient with respect because they are the person of authority.

3. Explain the Reason for Your Resignation

The next thing that you will have to write is the body of the letter. Here is where you explain the reason why you are resigning. Whether you have found teaching tiresome, or you have found a better school to work for. You have to explain your reasons properly and do not forget to be respectful towards the person the letter is addressed to. Remember that this is a formal notice to leave the workplace.

4. Say Your Final Goodbyes in Your Conclusion

Last in your checklist is your final goodbyes or your closing remarks. Do not forget to thank your employer for everything and wish them to remain in good health. After this sign your letter and voila you have a resignation letter.

5. Check for Mistakes that You Might Have Committed

Even if you are a professional educator, you are still human prone to making mistakes. That is why we would really advise you to check your letter for grammatical and spelling errors

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