Indeed, one of the noblest professions someone can take is to be a teacher. In the most days of your career, you get to engage with young dreamers. In each lecture, you are leading their path. If you are ready to take that marvelous duty,  see how we help you lessen your hassle in the application by offering you these Free Ready-Made Teacher Cover Letter Templates. These are well-researched and meticulously written by our sharp in-house writers, yet, are easily editable across M.S Word, Pages, and Google Docs editing programs. These are instantly downloadable and printable for ensured time-saving benefit. Have it in your hands today! Download now to become one of such modern-day hero!

What Is a Teacher Cover Letter?

A teacher cover letter is a letter document to be written specifically by an aspiring teacher or lecturer, with the aim to persuade a hiring manager in considering his or her application. This is usually submitted together with the teaching applicant's resume.

How to Write a Persuasive Teacher Cover Letter

Even if solely just a paper, your sample teacher cover letter should be able to engage and entice the hiring managers through your composition. Also, treat it as your advertising medium in selling why you are the best applicant out there. Many could be vying to win the job, but the number of vacancies might be limited. Plus, the hiring managers are just undeniably fussy in picking the best one, ensuring a high-caliber school faculty they can have. Here's how you can write a persuasive teacher cover letter.

1. Put a Name on You Salutation

Instead of "Dear Hiring Manager," it would be best to know exactly the name of your hiring manager and address it to your salutation. In this way, you are establishing an appeal that you really made an effort in customizing your teacher cover letter, while knowing the relevant details such as the hiring manager's name. This makes your teacher cover letter sound personal and specifically made. Nevertheless, ensure that you indicate only the exact name. For example, "Dear Dr. Rosanna Jones,". If he or she has professional titles, write it down also. If unsure of this detail, do not hesitate to ask from the institution.

2. Format Formally

For this type of document, you should opt to use a business letter format. All sections and parts are justified to the left. Spaces between paragraphs should be double spaced. Also, for a neat, clean, and professional look, you should use simple fonts such as Arial, Calibri, Tahoma, and the like. It is important to note that your teacher cover letter is instantly accepted and perceived as a formal document. Hence, you should build it with the utmost of its formality. And you're also building yourself here as a professional teacher!

3. Market Your Competencies

Put all your credentials under the best light! Your teacher cover letter is your chance to convey your competencies in a concise, narrative way. In indicating so, it is best to tailor it down according to the job description posted. Match them strategically. Through this, you are showing your hiring manager how you can professionally address their demands for the teaching role you are applying for. On top of that, make sure not to overlength your wordings. You do not have to consume all the blank spaces in your paper. Also, avoid generic structures.

4. Provide a Friendly Invite

As mentioned, when you are applying, you are selling yourself to win that teaching position. And your cover letter is your advertising medium. With your cover letter, entail also your so-called "CTA" or "Call to Action" statements. In your teacher cover letter, provide a friendly invite to how it will be a pleasure for you to have them interviewed and discuss this matter personally. For your last paragraph, write down your contact number and email address. Make sure that it's exactly done, with no spelling errors, and are always active on your behalf.

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