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What Is a Teacher Business Card?

A Teacher Business Card is a card that entails the name, contact information, profession, and school name (where the teacher works) of teaching professionals. It is primarily used as an advertising tool to promote the services of the professional and is printed on card stock.

Your company is judged by 72% of individuals just by looking at your card. So if you want to leave a good impression among your card recipients, invest in a decent and elegant business card. One component of an impressive teacher business card is a card stock; the better the quality, the better the impression, too. This is evidenced by the 39% of individuals who won't get involved in business deals when handed a business card that has a poor quality.

There are tons of creative business card ideas available online--from minimalist, creative to modern-looking. Whatever theme or design you choose, make sure it's appropriate for your intended audience. Your targeted market wouldn't bother wasting a second glance if the theme or design has nothing to do with them.

How to Create a Teacher Business Card?

Contrary to popular belief, teacher minimal business cards don't have to be formal and plain. In fact, it can be creative and colorful (as long as it suits your target audience) while maintaining the professionalism of the individual who will be handing them out. Below, we will provide you tips on how to create a teacher business card.

1. Do Not Overcrowd Your Card

Considering the size of your simple business card, the content should be kept to a minimum. As much as possible, include only your name, slogan (if any), and contact information. Nobody would want to stare longer at a messy card.

2. Get Creative for the Audience

Just like any other marketing tool, your printable business card's design should be aligned with your audience. Young students are different from adult ones. It would be awful to distribute business cards to adult students with dinosaurs and flowers printed on it.

3. Add Your Information

This pertinent information includes your name, logo, slogan (if any), contact information (email and contact number/s), social media links, and your address. If your address is too long, then do not bother putting it because it will look messy. Make sure your contact information is relevant and up-to-date.

4. Add a Slogan

If you can, incorporate a catchy slogan to your modern business card. This will help catch your recipient's attention and will entice them to avail of your services. You can display this right below your name.

6. Proofread

Before printing, proofread everything first especially the contact information. You can ask someone else to contact/email the contact information you provided and don't forget to check the spelling as well. Erroneous spellings can make your services business card look unprofessional and unpleasant.

5. Print and Use Card Stock

Once you are done with the layout, proceed to print. Scout for a decent printing service provider that will give justice to your layout. Card stocks vary from their thickness and heaviness. Choose one that is within your budget plan.

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