Transfer Request Letter Templates

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How to Write a Transfer Request Letter?

A transfer request letter is a document that contains a request to relocate or transfer a person or thing to another department, school, location, or organization. The Balance Careers' article says that one of the advantages of a work transfer is acquiring new experiences. On the other hand, considering that you might feel the need to transfer to another department, you have to make your boss aware of your decision. Once you're certain about it, you can now write a transfer request letter to your manager. 

To write one, read, and follow the tips below.

1. Mention Where You Will Transfer

Before you start your formal letter, you have to specify where you want to transfer. Do you want to move to a new department or team in your company? Or would you like to move to another branch? Specify where you want to go, and don't let your manager do it for you.  

2. Indicate Your Reason

Your boss might wonder why you've suddenly decided to request a transfer. It's essential to remember that for your manager to approve of this, he or she has to know the reason. Your boss will weigh if your reason is valid or not. Unquestionably, you have to explain it in your business letter of request deliberately. Is it for career growth reason, a personal reason, health reason, or family reason? 

3. Share Your Accomplishments

If you want to convince your manager to grant your request, you can share your accomplishments in the sample letter. By showing these achievements, your boss may realize that you are a productive and effective employee and deserves to transfer.

4. Explain Why You're Suitable to Move

Your transfer should not only benefit you but profit your company, as well. Describe in the letter why you're transfer can be advantageous to them. You can share how the skills you've developed from working as an employee in your current company can be beneficial to the other department.


  • What are some good reasons to transfer schools?

      1. You transferred to a new residence.
      2. You've decided to change your major or course.
      3. You want more challenge.
      4. You have difficulties adjusting.
  • What is a good reason to transfer jobs?

      1. Find an opportunity to be promoted
      2. Health problems
      3. Sudden life change 
      4. Securing your job
      5. Gain new skills 
  • Can a manager deny a transfer?

      Yes, a manager can decline or reject your transfer request depending on their valid reasons. So, if you want the manager to accept your request, ensure that you give him or her a justifiable reason.

  • Can an employee refuse to relocate?

      No, if your manager asks or requests you to relocate to another company branch or department, you shouldn't refuse it. If you brush off their request, they may terminate you from work, especially if it's in your agreement.

  • How long does it take to transfer to another school?

      Transferring to another school will take time. So, if you've decided to transfer, ensure that you request early, like weeks or months before moving out.