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30+ Brilliant Blender Tutorials for Graphic Designers

The Blender software is one of the most sought-after tools for the graphic designers who are looking to make it big in the 3D world. Be it animated films or visual effects or interactive 3D technology applications, or video games- you would need the open source Blender software to give life to almost everything edgy on the contemporary digital scene.

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Blender Tutorial – Bridge of Love

This blender tutorial beginner is a very easy to paint. You can draw a background with the sky, mountains, landscape and then add smaller details and then render your scene before that painted picture, then add plants, clouds and foliage. With the use of painted effects and elements, you can use them in your picture.

How to Create a Camera Mapping in Blender Tutorial

When you master the basics of blender art, this blender animation tutorial is a great way of creating a camera mapping blender which would also improve all the modeling, rendering and animating the projects as you follow the guidelines and pick up useful tips from here and there.

Tutorial: Texturing – Rendering Anime characters in Blender

This blender video editing tutorial is something that would tickle your fancy as you go through the professional techniques, cheatsheets and master the basics along the way. It is very useful when you want to learn how to shade and light your blender with seamless perfection.

How to Create  a Realistic Off – Road Scene Blender

When you want to portray a realistic off-road scene blender that shows a realistically rough and tough terrain for rallying, this blender tutorial beginner would be helpful along the way and it is much easier to follow and create the blender that would exactly match what you hoped to create.

Sink Hole Camera Tracking in Blender Tutorial

This blender tutorial character modeling is extremely helpful when you want to create an amazing blender. With easily available packages that come with deformers which allow the geometry to be interactively modified by another object, the blenders can be created with much ease to achieve perfection.

How to Create a Realistic Earth in Blender Tutorial

If you are looking for a blender basic tutorial video to craft realistic looking earth in blender, then you have come to the right place. You can add some animated bumps, looping animations of dust along with flying stones, matching textures and similar elements that would make the blender appear natural.

Displacement Maps to Make Rough Meteor Surfaces Blender Tutorial

This video tutorial explaining the ways of making a rough meteor is developed by Dan Ritchie who is the creator of Project Dogwafflle and is very helpful for beginners who want to create the same. The video comprises of several chapters, each incorporating all the measures and techniques that you will have to follow.

How to Make a Minion Blender For Noobs

This tutorial is directed for those creative designers who are willing to create a minion using Blender and this blender video editing tutorial shows in detail the secrets of realistic texturing, lighting and shading. This video tutorial is immensely helpful for you regardless of whether you are a newbie or a professional.

BMW 3 Promo Blender

This blender tutorial youtube is yet another important tutorial for all creative designers who are willing to create wallpapers, graphic designs, logos or anything that relates to BMW cars. With this tutorial, you can gain an insight about how you ,may create perfect designs based on car models.

Create a Blender Photo Rreal Render With Cycles

This awesome blender video editing tutorial is produced by Alex Telford who explains how to create the realistic rendition with the new render engine of Blender. The tutorial comprises of 6 videos and each of them would take you a step further towards realizing your artistic venture.

Beginner Blender VFX Tutorial Greenscreen Tutorial

This is blender video editing tutorial that shows how you can create a greenscreen masking which are used in graphic designing, animated films, sci-fi movies and various other motion pictures. With the aid of these tips you may be able to create the greenscreen VFX with ease.

Create a Light Cycle Effect in Blender Tutorial

This is yet another practical blender tutorial character modeling that helps you to give life to tron-inspired light cycle effect which resembles the light cycle effects used in movies. It has been presented by remarkable filmmaker and animator Bassam Kurdali and contains step by step formulation of the creative venture.

Animal Fur with Particle Hair and Cycles in Blender Tutorial

This is an awesome blender modeling tutorial  incorporates all the methods step by step which, if followed carefully will give you a great insight in understanding how you may use various blender elements in creating a mind-blowing animal fur which can be used for generating animals.

How to Roll a 3D Object on its Edge Tutorial

This amazing blender animation tutorial has been developed to teach you the ways in which you can roll objects on their edge with the help of the curve editor by following easy and simple 10 steps. It is a great aid for professional graphic designers as well as individuals who are beginning to learn.

Create an Energetic Fire and Water Scene Tutorial


Tutorils: Animate a Flame Using Materials in Blender

How to Make Metallic Text Blender

Blender Tutorial For Beginners: Wine Glasses

Blender 3D Tutorial – Modeling an Off Road Wheel

Model a Sperm Whale in Blender Tutorial

3D Text: Blender Tutorial For Beginners

Tutorial: Blender 3D  – Freestyle and Composite

Build and use a Phoneme Library in Blender Tutorial

Tutorial: Secrets of Realistic Texturing in Blender

Create a Realistic Water Simulation in Blender

13 Blender Tips From the Pros

Create a Photorealistic Fruit Splash in Blender

Blender Demolition – Random Test Scenes Tutorial

We have brought in a wonderful list of 30 Brilliant Blender Tutorials from the leading Blender designers to help you in enhancing your 3D skills. These tutorials will help you to improve your animating, modeling, rendering as well as composting skills.

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