How to Make a Simple Receipt – Tutorial

A simple receipt is purposed for all positive reasons, such as replacing the lost ones. It is humankind while losing something in your life, such as losing a receipt while you have to take it back to the office and get it reimbursed. Now people don’t need to worry about their lost receipts because there have been numerous websites that offer the free simple receipts, such as taxi receipt, restaurant receipt, gas receipt and so on. We will not mention about those websites. Here, we will concern on how to make a simple receipt easily.

how to make a simple receipt
  • Starts with the font choices. For better printing, you have to make ALL CAPS lettering.
  • The next step is by giving attention to the logos and barcodes. Once you lost something, please remember the logo and name of the related company, store or restaurants. It will make you easier finding the logo online. Go surfing on Google image and type the keyword of ‘Store Logos’, then save image after finding the correct one.
  • Editing skills are needed in this step. You have to start editing the receipt template using Microsoft Word and insert the logo.
  • Remember the barcode. Barcode always succeeds creating your simplereceipt template looks like an original. There are numerous free online barcode generators that you can choose. To get more authentic, add the barcode font into your simple receipt. Go finding ‘free barcode font’ online and choose the fittest one.

How to make a simple receipt that is exactly same to the original one is very simple. You even don’t need to install or download the software. You just have to go online and remember the prices of each item on your original receipt.

It is recommended to choose the website that gives you the advanced version because it will give you chances to add information into the receipt, such as the Store Name, the Store Slogan, Complete Address, Customer, Cashier, the payment method and so on. This information will create original-look receipt.

Here we go with the restaurant receipt as an example. While starting the step, don’t forget to notice the purchased items, including the tax rate % and the currency symbol (check the positioning of the currency symbol, whether it is on the right or the left side). The different styles are also available, such as Clean Old Style Thermal, Aged Old Style Thermal, and so on.

The most popular sample simple receipt is the gas receipt. Many people forget to ask the gas receipt while paying the fuel but today the simple receipts will help you better. If you want to create simple gas receipt, remember that the gas receipt tool has some differences to the other receipts. While starting the step, you have to calculate the price. Because the main steps of creating the gas receipts are calculating the fuel totals, followed by adding the details of gas station and the details of fuel purchase.

Here are the details of creating your simple gas receipts:

  • Calculate the quantity of the fuel you bought from the total price.

calculate the quantity

  • Enter the detail of gas station, such as Country, address and the tax.
  • Enter the purchase detail, such as product type, measure, price per G/L, quantity, credit card paid, credit card name, the last 4 digits of your credit card or cash paid).

enter the purchase detailFor more detail of what you want to create, remember the original receipts and create the same format for your simple ones. This tutorial is aimed for positive purposes. You should not use the simple receipts for deceiving someone.