30 PSD Ticket Designs & Templates

Concerts, weddings, theaters, toll gates, dinner events, ball games, airplanes, parties, and boats. Can you guess what these things have in common? If you can, then good for you. But if not, read on and we will tell you.

All these things require tickets—whether for admission, entrance, or as participation privileges. It is the one thing that links all of these disparate items.

And in this article, we have you covered for any ticket template needs. Template.net hosts a large collection of ticket template lists for any ticket design project that you may be working on. More specifically, this article will include comprehensive information about ticket design templates in PSD file format.

What are ticket templates?

A ticket template is a pre-made digital file that contains the design and layout format of a ticket. Templates are used if you do not want to create a file for every design project that you may have. In essence, ticket templates  serve as a guide for creating a printable ticket. And since a template is a digital file, you may customize it so that your ticket (or any design project) will include information relevant to the event or purpose you are planning.

PSD ticket templates are templates created using the image editing and compositing software program called Adobe Photoshop. All files stored in this format use the file extension abbreviation PSD. This also means that you will need to install Adobe Photoshop on your computer so that you can open and edit the template before printing it out.

Embedded below are 30 examples of ticket templates in PSD. Choose any template design that will best match your event’s theme. Enjoy!

Save the Date Boarding Pass Ticket PSD Template


Rugby Game Ticket Template PSD


Elegant Event Ticket Template PSD


Basketball Ticket Invitation Card Template PSD


Rugby Tournament Ticket Template PSD


Baseball Ticket Invitation Card Template PSD


Event Show Time Ticket Template PSD


Bridal Shower Boarding Pass Ticket Template PSD


Special Event Ticket Template PSD


VIP Event Ticket Template PSD


How to use PSD ticket templates

As mentioned earlier, there are different kinds of ticket templates. The examples included in this article are not an exhaustive list of the various types of ticket templates available. That is why we have listed the different applications or uses of PSD ticket templates below:

  • Travel tickets. Another common use of ticket templates is for travel tickets. Events that follow a travel theme usually use travel ticket templates to further highlight the event’s cause. Destination weddings often use printable travel ticket templates as part of their wedding invitation stationery designs. Other practical uses of travel ticket templates are for designing airplane tickets, boat or cruise tickets, or bus tickets. If you are tasked to create these ticket designs for a company, make sure to add the company’s logo design or an airline logo to the template.
  • Dinner tickets. Ticket templates are also used for gala or charity dinner events where attendees are rewarded with a free dinner and an opportunity to socialize. This is a common practice in both high society and political circles. However, dinner ticket templates may still be used for less formal occasions like homecoming dinner parties and class reunions.
  • Party tickets. Planning a party is made easier by using party ticket templates. Taking this approach to your party’s tickets will not only allow you to save, time but it will also allow you to express your creativity. You may use your own designs or customize pre-made party ticket templates. These ticket templates may serve as admission requirements or just as a way to correctly count the number of people who are attending the party. A physical party ticket may also serve as a good souvenir commemorating the event.
  • Event tickets. Other events like seminars, conferences, and gatherings may also use event ticket templates to help streamline the event registration process. Event organizers have the option to release online tickets or physical tickets. If they choose the latter option, they would need to use ticket templates that will also help spread the news about their planned event. Note that event tickets tend to be more formal than other kinds of tickets since they are mostly used by private companies and organizations. Keep this in mind when designing an event ticket template.
  • Concert tickets. Concert tickets are mandatory for all rock festivals, pop concerts, and other events fronted by musicians and artists. They will serve both as a requirement for fans to enter the concert venue and also as memorabilia of the event. This is why concert organizers need to create concert tickets that will reflect the concert’s theme and the artist’s vision for their music. To make this process easier, organizers may need to utilize concert ticket templates as a base for their ticket design. When done right,  the artists, their concert organizers, and their graphic artists can collaborate and come up with a perfect concert ticket design that will best represent their image.
  • Sports game tickets. Another use of ticket templates is for designing sports game tickets. Ticket templates for sporting events often look too generic, especially if they are for regular game events. However, if you are planning a special basketball game to raise funds for a specific cause, for example, you may invest in a good printable ticket template to help attract more people to the event. Always remember that when using these kinds of ticket templates, you need to include all the relevant game details in the ticket design.
  • Show tickets. Movies, musicals, live comedy skits, jazz band performances, poetry slams, live variety shows, etc. may also need to use creative show ticket templates to help attract more people to watch their shows. Just like ticket templates for concerts, these show tickets need to highlight what the show is about while also maintaining a good layout. The most effective show tickets often are the ones that use the same show poster design on their ticket design.
  • Meal tickets. Meal tickets are often tiny stubs or pieces of paper that allow individuals to get free or discounted meals at certain dining establishments. They are often used in dorms, camps, subsidized housing, and hospitals. But some versions may still be used for other occasions or events. If you are tasked to create meal tickets, using a corresponding meal ticket template can help you hasten the entire process. As with the creation of any ticket template, you always need to make sure that only the most relevant information is indicated on the meal ticket. Luncheon ticket templates may also be considered as examples of meal ticket templates.
  • Admission tickets. Ticket templates may also be used for creating admission ticket templates. These kinds of tickets are often used by schools, universities, clubs, and organizations that require a certain level of security for any event they are hosting. For example, a school may need to create and to issue admission tickets to students who wish to attend their homecoming dances. This is done so that event organizers will have an estimate of the number of attendees. Requiring guests to show their tickets before being allowed entry to the event is also a security measure that helps keep everyone safe.
  • Raffle tickets. Informal lotteries and raffles are often hosted by organizations, clubs, and groups as a way to raise money and awareness for their specific causes. And often, a way to make this strategy more formal is by issuing professionally designed raffle tickets. To do that, these event organizers can use raffle ticket templates. If you are part of your club’s organizing committee, make sure to properly label and create distinguishing marks on your raffle tickets. Simple measures like this may help prevent fraudulent activities involving your fundraising event.

1980s Dinner Party Ticket Template


 Anniversary Gala Dinner Ticket Template


Clean Concert Ticket Template


Concert Pass / Party Ticket Template


Dinner and Dance Event Ticket Template


Elegant Vintage Wedding Invitation Ticket Template


Fall Festival Concert Ticket Template


Formal Dinner Dance Ticket Template


Holiday Dinner Ticket Template


Jazz Concert Ticket Template


Tips on designing ticket templates

Creating your own ticket design can be daunting if you do not know where to start. And if you are at this stage, it is better to use pre-made ticket templates instead of trying to learn the whole art of ticket creation from scratch. Read on to learn a few useful tips for designing your PSD ticket templates.

  • Choose a main template theme. The very first thing you should consider before choosing a ticket template to use is your event’s theme or motif. This is a crucial factor because you need to make sure that your template design choices will match the kind of event you are hosting. For instance, a formal dinner event calls for formal invitation tickets and not a ticket with eclectic design elements.
  • Include only the most relevant and important pieces of information on the ticket template. A ticket is usually printed on smaller pieces of paper compared to brochures and greeting cards. That is why you need to be concise and make sure that only the most important details are included on the ticket. You also need to keep in mind that a ticket template that includes different graphic design elements can make the template look cluttered or crowded if you do not smartly plan what to put in the ticket design. Important information that needs to be included in a ticket template are the following: the name of the event, the location of event, the time of the event, the event host, RSVP options, the organizer’s contact information, the ticket control number, etc.
  • Choose a template with a good layout design. In connection with the previous tip, it is also important to choose a ticket template that already comes with a good layout design. This means that your chosen ticket template should already have formatted text boxes and image placeholders. This way, the wording and graphic elements on the template are all easily readable. Beautifully designed tickets can also help attract more customers, viewers, participants, and attendees to any kind of event you are hosting.
  • Always include branding elements in the template. If, for example, you are using a party ticket template for a sponsored party event, it is best to include your company logo on the ticket design. This can become a sustainable marketing strategy that will help increase your brand’s recognizability. Check this link to read more information on how to create a logo for your ticket template.
  • Ask someone else to review the template before you print it out. After customizing your ticket template design, always ask someone else to review the template. Ask him or her to check the grammar and spelling, image appropriateness, and even comment on the readability of the ticket template design. This is a useful tip especially if you do not want to deal with negative issues about the ticket design after it has been printed. A new set of eyes looking at your ticket template can help spot issues that you may not have noticed on your own. Use their evaluations positively so that you can further improve your ticket template design.
  • Use thick paper or card stock when printing. After making sure that all typographical and design errors were corrected on your ticket template, it is now time to print out the ticket. When printing ticket templates, it is best to use thick card stock in order to mimic the look and feel of a real ticket. However, if you are on a budget, using thick paper as a substitute is acceptable. The good thing about ticket templates is that they are smaller in size and more than two tickets can be printed on a single letter-sized paper. This is especially useful for couples who use ticket invitations for their weddings.

And that is it! Take note of all these tips so that you can customize your ticket templates easily. Also, make sure to bookmark and share this article’s link to help others find useful information when creating their own ticket templates.

Jazz Night Concert Ticket Template


Masquerade Ball Dinner Ticket Template


Music Festival Brochure Plus Concert Ticket Template


Musical Concert Ticket Template


Retro Concert Ticket Template


Rock and Roll Concert Ticket Template


Rock Festival Concert Ticket Template


Royal Celebration Dinner Ticket Template


Silver Concert Pass Ticket Templates


Simple Concert Ticket Template


What PSD ticket template should you choose?

PSD ticket templates are prized because they are already stored in an industry-accepted software program. This means that most graphic designers would know how to use the software to make edits or customizations to the template. Crafters and template DIY-ers will also find PSD ticket templates useful because they are able to enjoy the creative freedom they crave to customize unique ticket templates.

Whatever your preferred mode of editing ticket templates, just remember that there is no perfect ticket template. What is available in the online world, instead, is a ticket template in PSD format that will be versatile enough to adapt to your own vision of a ticket. It may take multiple searches before you can find the one. But you will. Happy creating!

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