9+ Awesome Baseball Ticket Templates

One of the most common sports around is baseball. It’s the smell of the grass and the sound of the bat when it hits that ball that make us love the sport even more. Who can forget the excitement of a home run swing and managing to catch the ball as it falls out of bounds? Watching it on pay-per-view is great and all, but watching it live is something else.

If you are a huge baseball fan and you plan on creating some baseball tickets, then you’re in luck! Here we have collected ticket templates for you to choose and download away.

Editable Baseball Ticket Template

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Printable Baseball Ticket Template



Blank Baseball Ticket Template



Vintage Baseball Ticket Template



Baseball Game Ticket Template



Vector Baseball Ticket Template



Which Ticket Will Be a Home Run?

There are different designs for each baseball ticket. You want to make sure you pick the right one to match the event! They are super simple to customize and print.

  • Printable Baseball Ticket Template. Easy to download and print. Don’t forget to customize and add in important details.
  • Blank Baseball Ticket Template. This ticket template is left blank for you to design and edit some details.
  • Vintage Baseball Ticket Template. Bring the good old days back with these vintage baseball tickets! Feel as though you are back in time watching your favorite baseball team swing a home run.
  • Baseball Game Ticket Template. This is great for baseball games such as tournaments or competitions. You can use these for school game events.
  • Vector Baseball Ticket Template. Designs which use vectors are always a good choice, especially if you want to enlarge or shrink down your image for different ticket sizes or mediums because the quality of vector images do not reduce when scaling the size.
  • Baseball Ticket Baby Shower Template. Perfect if you are planning to throw a baby shower with a baseball theme. These tickets will really knock them out of the park with its creative design!
  • Baseball Ticket Place Card Template. Finding seats in a game can be quite a hassle. This is where place cards come in. With place cards, they include the name and location of the seats reserved exclusively for you!
  • Baseball Event Ticket Template. Hosing a baseball viewing or baseball tailgate party full of food, drinks, and fun? Here’s a ticket to match just that.

For more ticket samples, you can check out our ticket invitation templates that we offer on our website.

Baseball Ticket Baby Shower Template



Baseball Ticket Place Card Template



Baseball Event Ticket Template



What Is Baseball?

Baseball is basically a game of bat-and-ball played between two teams of nine players each. They take turns in batting and going on the field. The batting team tries to score runs by hitting the ball that is thrown by the pitcher of the opposite team with a bat. Once the player successfully hits the ball with his bat, he then runs counterclockwise around a series of four bases, which are namely first base, second base, third base, and home plate. It is considered a run if a player goes through all bases and returns to the home plate.

The players of the batting team switch with the fielding team when the pitcher tries to avoid the batter from getting a hit. The batter is then considered “out” when unable to hit the ball three consecutive times. If the batter does hit the ball, the player on a base can advance to the next base and so on and so forth until they achieve a run.

For more ticket samples, we also offer blank ticket templates, which you can check out.

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