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237+ Budget Templates

Budget is a well-planned estimate of income and expenditure for a specific period. The income basically states the source of funds and the expenditure gives the description of allocation of fund. From housewife to a manager of the firm, everyone plans a budget to meet day to day expenses as well as to meet major capital expenditure.

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Even the government works out an annual budget for efficient planning and utilization of resources available. This also prevents an individual or an organization from over spending.

> Budget Template For Mac

Budget Template for Mac can easily be found online. It is more like a balance sheet where expenditures are equated with income and it is usually a file made on Microsoft excel. A template can be designed by the user as per the requirements of the organization or individual. (15+ Sample Budget Templates for Mac)

> Budget Proposal Template

A budget Proposal is often addressed to the head of departments and organization. This includes the basic information about the source of fund and also about the proposed allocation of the fund. The template is usually a MS Word based file which can be edited as per the requirements. (11+ Budget Proposal Template)

> Budget Timeline Template

In a budget Timeline, the expenditure and income is spread throughout the financial year, giving the clear picture of income during the year and allocation of fund in whole year. This helps in ensuring that there is no shortage during any point of time and the funds are available as per the allocation decision. (9+ Budget Timeline Templates)

> Business Budget Template

A business budget helps in planning for the long term as well as short term goals and the template accommodates a plan for the both sort of time duration. An efficient template would help user to control the cash flows so as to plan major capital expenditure in upcoming years. (13+ Sample Business Budget Templates)

What is the purpose of a Budget?

Budget is more like a financial plan which can be implemented on weekly, monthly or yearly basis so as to meet the financial goals. It can be made on a simple budget worksheet in excel. Still the purpose of budget can be classified in three major categories which are mentioned below.

  • First and foremost important function of budget is to facilitate the forecasting of income and expenditure. When we have the idea about what we are earning and what we are spending, we are in a position to derive the profitability and change the profitability percentage by modifying the expenses wherever required. This serves as a major piece of information during the cost cutting in hard times.
  • Secondly, the budget facilitates the decision making in an organization as well as household. For example, if we talk about household, we can make decision about an outing based on the money available in the budget. Talking about the corporates, the decision about making a major purchase can be made using the budget sheet and measuring the funds available. Since budget is more of a forecast, it can be measured if buying a piece of machinery would lead to a higher net present value or a higher internal rate of return than the present ones, if the answer is yes then the decision can be made in favour of purchasing the machinery.
  • Finally the budget also acts as a tool to track the business performance. The forecasted budget made in the starting of the financial year can be compared with the actual results of the year and thus it can be measured if the profits or savings are below expectations or they are above expectation. In case the performance is not up to the mark, the reason for the same can be quickly analysed and corrective measures can be taken for the next year.

> College Budget Template

A college budget is usually designed for allocation of funds to run a college. The expenditure may include the salaries of the teacher and other support staff, fixed costs and the income would include the fee received from the students. Such templates can easily be found online on forums as well as google. (10+ College Budget Templates)

> Event Budget Template

An event needs to be planned very carefully in order to make it profitable for the organizers and hence a tight control is required on the outflows of the funds. This can be effectively done by implementing a budget for event which would stress on the expenditure for the catering, stage etc. (7+ Event Budget Template)

> Expenditure Budget Template

An expenditure budget basically allocates the fund differently on basis of planned and unplanned expenditure. This is usually done by ministries and huge organization. A cost associated with road development is a planned cost where as a cost arising because of a natural disaster is an unplanned expenditure in the books. (8+ Expenditure Budget Templates)

> Family Budget Template

In a family, there are certain number of bread winners and dependants, the income earned by the working members needs to be allocated such that all the needs are met along with the payment of bills such as electricity bill. Most of the families allocate a specific portion to savings as well and such generalized templates can easily be found online. (8+ Family Budget Templates)

> Film Budget Template

Most of the films are running tight on budget and hence financial control is necessary to complete the film in the desired budget. Planners often make decisions about the sets and other amenities on basis of the initial budget allocation which eventually helps in meeting the expenses for cameraman, actors, sets etc. (6+ Film Budget Template)

> Financial Budget Template

The Financial Budget is basically like a business budget with a planning of 1 to 3 years of forecast. The plan may remain constant or it may change as per the scenario arising in the real time situation but it still helps in maintaining a strict plan which proves to be beneficial in long run. (8+ Financial Budget Templates)

> Household Budget Template

This type of budget helps in maintaining the equality in expense and income in house and managing the needs as well as the equated monthly instalment of the family. Crossing the budget may cause shortage of funds for the family hence a well-planned approach helps in avoiding overspending. (9+ Sample Household Budget Templates)

> IT Budget Template

IT budget mainly stresses on the expenses in the Information technology, the expenses could be like renting the server, upgrading the software or purchase of new systems and servers. Usually, the source of income would be the funds allocated for the period by the head of organization or by the finance department. (9+ IT Budget Template)

> Manufacturing Budget Template

A manufacturing unit has high variable cost when compared with the fixed cost. The variable as well as fixed expenditure needs to be balanced with the income arising after sale of manufactured goods so as to ensure the profitability of the business along with the benefits to the shareholders of the firm. (7+ Manufacturing Budget Templates)

How can people make sure their Budgets remain Balanced?

It is actually hard to stick to the budget accurately, there are going to be certain variations which are totally acceptable. Sample Business Budget proves to be of great help in this case as it provides with a huge array of options where the expenditure may occur and thus providing a greater financial control. Still to summarize, there are certain points which can be of help to ensure that the budget remains balanced.

  • You need to track each and every penny that you spend or that you earn. This does requires a lot of practice but with time, the estimation gets better and the forecasted figures start matching the actual figures with a great precision and accuracy.
  • Always do the research while making a budget. Be aware of the expenditure that you may incur and be aware about the changes in prices as this would help in maintaining accuracy with the budget allocated versus the expenditure.
  • Also have provision of the unplanned expenses. In case of household, allocate money for health issues which may arise during the year and in case you are making the budget for the business, allocate a certain amount to accidents. Government always spare some amount for the natural calamities.
  • Do not forget to create a provision for taxes as a lot of people ignores the tax planning which leads to huge shake up of the budget during the audit.
  • Try and stick to the money allocated, if there is any need to spend more than what was initially allocated, try and save money from some other segment. This would again ensure that the budget remains balanced.
  • Use the standardized templates as the chance of missing out an important portion would be less compared to the chances of missing out an item when you use a self-designed template.

> Marketing Budget Template

Every organization allocates a certain amount of money for marketing its services and products, the allocation of money internally in the department is Marketing Budget. The expenses here could be the advertising expense, expense arising due to promotion of the product or the expenses associated with the market research for the new product. (17+ Marketing Budget Template)

> Monthly Budget Template

Most of us make a monthly budget in order to ensure that the enough fund is allocated for all the necessary items, the template focuses on the essential payments and not the major capital expenditure. This is more of a short term plan for implementing financial control for individual or an organization. (9+ Monthly Budget Templates)

> Payroll Budget Template

A parole budget is an important part of any organization and the allocation widely depends on the type of industry. For example, a manufacturing industry would have lower payroll budget then compared to IT industry of same size. The focus here is on employees and the value created in the organization. (7+ Payroll Budget Templates)

> Personal Budget Template

A Personal Budget is to allocate funds for expenses and debt repayment. The budget also considers the savings. Implementation of one such budget helps in reaching financial goals at a faster pace and it also implements discipline in savings and investments which eventually leads to higher net worth of an individual. (10+ Personal Budget Templates)

> Project Budget Template

When a company undertakes a project, the sources of fund is money from the investors and bank debt whereas the expenditure has a wide array. The expenses in the project should be well managed and strictly controlled in order to get a higher NPV and a positive Internal Rate of Return. (10+ Project Budget Templates)

> School Budget Template

Every educational institute follows a strict budget so as to ensure that the fee received from the students are put in right use. The expenditure can be the salaries of the teachers and the future developments in the school. Institutes plan a budget keeping the long term and short term needs in mind. (8+ School Budget Templates)

> Student Budget Template

Every student who lived in a hostel would have used one such template. The stress is on managing pocket money throughout the month and allocating the funds equally between the food, recreational activities and essential needs. Many such templates are available online on google. (3+ Student Budget Templates)

> Travel Budget Template

While travelling, most of us have limited resources and it may be required to allocate the funds available between the mode of travel and other important things like food. This type of budget is usually short term and it helps user in sticking to the budget allocated as a travel allowance. (9+ Travel Budget Template)

> Vacation Budget Template

While we go for a vacation, we have a set amount of expenditure in mind and the expenditure is allocated majorly between hotels, food and travel. This helps in controlling the outflow of the money and it helps us in avoiding ending up bankrupt after a vacation to our favourite destination. (9+ Vacation Budget Template)

> Wedding Budget Template

A wedding is a large affair which includes a lot of events and rituals. Every family decides a budget and gets the resource as per the income and the distribution. All this can be well managed by the simple use of a template which keeps the track of all expenses after forecasting them. (22+ Wedding Budget Templates)

> Weekly Budget Template

This is another short term budget and it reports the day to day expense as well as income of a firm for a period of 1 week. It provides a higher level of precision and financial control. This eventually helps in forecasting the future budgets. Use of such templates also helps in analysis of the data. (9+ Weekly Budget Template)

> Yearly Budget Template

This is a common form of budget which every organization works upon. Even the government declares an annual budget every year which helps them in setting target and working on the targets without actually crossing the threshold of the income earned. Millions of such templates are available online which can be fully customized in a couple of clicks. (5+ Yearly Budget Template)

What are the Benefits of a Budget?

Budgeting is simple yet a powerful tool to ensure financial health and growth. Business budget planning comes with a wide array of advantages. Some of them are listed below –

  • Budgeting helps in a better financial control because everything has been planned and it also ensures that you have adequate fund for the operations. The profitability of firm can also be predetermined with the help of budget.
  • It also helps in focusing on the long term goals as it creates a vision in mind and thus prevents the organization to make unnecessary expenses in midway to their goal.
  • It also helps in increasing the savings and investments as it helps in bring a financial disciple which is very much required for investments. Budget gives us a fix target for the saving which eventually works out for most of the individual.
  • Making a budget also helps as the planning for the unplanned expense has already been done hence it saves us from the stress that may arise because of high expenditure due to an accident or a natural calamity which is beyond our control.
  • Budget also helps in making us aware about the allocation of funds to every department. This can be changed in every period if the results are not satisfactory.
  • Having a budget can also help because we have something to present to the investors and banks in case we require funds for a new project or expansion of ongoing operations. Investors loves the organizations which are well planned as it gives them the picture of the returns that they may get from their investments.
  • Having the forecasted figures and comparing them with actual figures can also help in diagnosis of the problem thus the adjustments can be made to kill the problem and ensure longevity of the business.
  • Having a budget would make us aware if we have ideal funds in the firm. Ideal funds can be invested in a secured deposit and that would mean additional returns for the organization.


Thus, following a budget helps greatly in maintaining a disciple and ensuring that all the financial targets are met. There are templates available online for all sort of needs and they can be easily customized as per the necessity hence next time, download a template and forecast your budget to ensure you do not overspend.

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