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Chart Template – 275+ Word, PDF, Excel Documents Download

Making a feasible plan for an event or project, be it a personal one or business oriented is really not easy.  You need to list down every small thing that needs to be taken care of. Though making a checklist often works, a chart is what seems more decipherable.

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With various relevant subheads in place, it becomes easier for every person involved to understand the whole process. A chart template helps in designing a perfect chart irrespective of what it is used for. Here are some of the important chart templates that can be used for various purposes.

> Gantt Chart Template

Business organizations and project leaders need to keep a tab on the work progress. A Gantt chart makes this easy as it is more like a graph with horizontal lines that give a complete idea of the work done. A Gantt chart template is designed by an expert can be used by any organization to design one for keeping a tab on its day to day functions. (5+ Gantt Chart Templates)

> Excel Chart Template

Managers in an organization need to send daily, weekly and monthly reports to their superiors about the progress of work. These reports are generally created in Excel and can be time consuming. Thanks to the excel chart templates, they can quickly design their work reports by making the necessary changes to these. (33+ Free Excel Documents Download)

> Weekly Chore Chart Template

Every family has a list of chores that need to be accomplished through a week. When the mother or the person in charge expects everyone to chip in, she usually designs a weekly chore chart assigning work to every person in the family. A weekly chore chart template can be used to simplify this designing process. (20+ Weekly Chore Chart Templates)

How to Create Chart Templates in Excel?

Creating a chart template in Excel is a great idea, especially if you use charts on a regular basis. You can actually save this for future use. Depending upon the reason why you using the template, you may have to make certain changes to the template. However, having one in place would mean that you won’t have to start designing one from scratch every time you need a chart. It is really not very difficult to design a chart template in MS Excel.

Given below are the steps involved in the process.

  • First open a fresh Excel sheet.
  • Now take the data which you intend to put into a chart and arrange it in on this sheet.
  • Next, you need to select the rows and columns that you would like to plot in the chart.
  • Once this is done, click on the tab named Chart and select the option Insert Tab.
  • You will be presented with various types of charts. Select the one that you need. This will insert the chart with the data on your sheet.
  • On a later date, if you wish to change this chart, you can easily do this by clicking on the tab named Chart, selecting the Chart Layout and then clicking on Format option.
  • Once you are happy with the chart that you have plotted, you can save it as a template to be used in the future. For this, click on the menu option Chart and select the option Save as Template. You will be presented with a dialog box where you can give a name to this template.
  • You can use this template in the future to design a chart by just altering the data.

> Control Chart Template

Business organizations need to keep a tab on their profitability. For this they need to understand the control they have on the market. Since this can keep fluctuating, using a control chart template to track these changes makes the whole process easier. The template can be altered or customized as per the user’s requirement. (5+ Control Chart Templates & Examples)

> Pie Chart Template

A pie chart is easy to decipher, thanks to its simple design and the precise way in which data is divided. However, designing such a chart can often be daunting especially when it involves a whole lot of data. In such a scenario, a pie chart template can be used as this requires the user to just enter the data and the rest is taken care of. (16+ Pie Chart Template)

> Family Chore Chart Template

It is always a good idea to designate chores to every family member to make the process of keeping the house spic and span easy. However, a verbal assignment may just not be enough. Using a family chore chart template is an interesting way to designate work to every member and also a constant reminder. (10+ Family Chore Chart Template)

> Comparison Chart Template

When certain parameters have to be compared time and again to gauge the progress of a particular event, a comparison chart is used. In case the person responsible for designing this is not sure how to do it, he can make use of the comparison chart template for the purpose. (45+ Comparison Chart Template)

> Pert Chart Template

When a project in divided into many phases, it is always a good idea to plan each phase separately. However, putting this plan in writing can be a tad confusing at a later stage. A pert chart is an ideal way to plan a project phase. A pert chart template can be used to design this as it comprises of the essential segments. (8+ Pert Chart Template)

How to Create an Organizational Chart?

Designing an organizational chart means you have to start from the top and put in every designation and department in the organization. This is surely not easy given the whole lot of data that you will have to include. However, once you have all the data ready, you will find that there are a number of ways to design an organizational chart. The easiest of these is to use MS Word for the purpose. Here is how you can design an impressive organizational chart for your company.

  • Start with a blank document in MS Word.
  • Select the Insert tab. This comprises of an option named SmartArt. You will find this comprises of predefined structures which can come in handy for designing different types of charts.
  • Since you are designing the Organizational chart, you should choose a hierarchical structure from this list. Remember that you can change this layout anytime by selecting the structure and then clicking on Design and then the option Layout.
  • Now start adding the information to the chart. You will have to add more shapes and hierarchy to this to accommodate the whole data. For this you can choose the option Shapes from Insert tab. Connect these shapes using lines just like the hierarchical structure. Lines can also be inserted using the Shapes option.
  • Once the structure is ready, insert the text into each shape. For this you will have to double click inside it and then type in the data.
  • This way you can design the whole structure. You can make it more attractive by adding images too.

> Flow Chart Template

Flowcharts are a great way to present data in an attractive and easy to decipher manner. However, when a lot of steps and data are involved, this can get a tad complicated. In such cases, using a flow chart template is a great idea as it simplifies the whole process. (30+ Flow Chart Template)

> Medication Chart Template

In a hospital, the nurses are required to administer medicines to every patient at a particular time and in defined doses. This can be quite confusing which is why most medical centers make use of medication charts. A medication chart template makes designing this easy as it contains all the important segments that should be included in it. (8+ Medication Chart Template)

> Seating Chart Template

An important event calls for a proper seating arrangement for all the invitees. This should be done with a lot of thought and care. In order to ensure that there are no last minute confusions, the organizers make use of seating charts. A seating chart template can be used for this purpose and changes can be made to it as per the user’s needs. (10+ Seating Chart Template)

> Waterfall Chart Template

Business organizations keep a tab on their profitability and progress using a waterfall chart that gives them an idea of the cumulative value of the original investment down the years. In case, designing such a chart seems confusing, the user can take a cue from the waterfall chart template. (7+ Waterfall Chart Template)

> Classroom Seating Chart

Seating the students in an organized manner in a classroom during the examinations can be quite a task. This is one of the main reasons why classroom seating charts are so popular. The classroom seating chart templates give an idea of the segments to be included in this and also allow further customization. (8+ Classroom Seating Chart)

> Pedigree Chart Template

Designing a family tree is something that has been going on for a long time. Most schools give the students to design the pedigree chart of their families. Thanks to the pedigree chart templates, students can now easily design this by just adding in the relevant data. They can also alter the format as per their requirements. (8+ Pedigree Chart Template)

> Color Chart Template

An organization that deals in products and materials that are mainly chosen based on their color needs a color chart to give a clear idea to its customers about what it has to offer. Designing such a chart becomes quite easy when a color chart template is used as this gives the user a clear idea of the segments to be included. (11+ Color Chart Template)

> Kids Chore Chart Template

Mothers or teachers often find it a good idea to assign chores to the kids to help in their constructive development. Doing this using a kids chore chart makes it all the more interesting for the kids. A kids chore chart template can be used to design this and user can add segments or change it as per her preference. (7+ Kids Chore Chart Templates)

> Blood Pressure Chart Template

Keeping a tab on the blood pressure of person is often very crucial. Using a blood pressure chart for recording the BP is a great idea and convenient way too. A blood pressure chart template can be used to design this and the user can personalize it as per his needs. (10+ Blood Pressure Chart Template)

> Metric Conversion Chart Template

It is not easy to remember all the metric conversions by heart. So, students or people who need this on a daily basis can really make use of a metric conversion chart. Designing such a chart becomes easy with the metric conversion chart template. (10+ Metric Conversion Chart Templates)

> Baby Growth Chart Template

Medical practitioners as well as mothers often find it a great idea to keep a tab on the growth of a baby. Tabulating this in the form a chart makes it easy to decipher. Using a baby growth chart template for this is a great idea as the user gets to know the segments that should be included in the chart. (12+ Baby Growth Chart Template)

> Height Weight Chart Template

Keeping a tab on the height and weight of a child can ensure that he is growing properly. Using a height weight chart template for the purpose is a good idea. In case you don’t know how to design this, take some cue from the height weight chart template which gives you an idea of the segments to be included in it. (12+ Height Weight Chart Template)

How to make a Gantt Chart?

A Gantt chart helps a business organization to keep a tab on the work progress. This chart can be easily designed using MS Excel. Here is how you can create a Gantt chart for your organization.

Open an Excel sheet and type in the detailed data of the progress or work in an orderly manner. This should be done by assigning proper subheads like tasks, starting date, ending date, time taken etc.        

  • Now create a bar chart with the data under the subheading Starting Date. For this, first select the data to be plotted. Then, click on the     tab Insert, select the option Chart and then select Bar. A stacked bar chart is what works for Gantt chart.        
  • You will be presented with a chart. Next you have to add in the remaining data to this chart. For this, right click anywhere on the chart. You will be presented with a dialog box. In this click in select data. Then select the cell range that you want to include in the chart.        
  • Repeat the same step for Tasks and Ending date.    
  • This is your Gantt chart.    

Designing a chart for any purpose can often be a time consuming and a daunting task. Thanks to the chart templates, this has surely become easier as you just need to enter the data and wait for the chart to be completed. You can even make changes to these templates to make sure that the resultant chart suits your needs.

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