5 Sample Control Chart Templates & Examples

Every business has many parameters and to ensure profitability and hassle free processing it is important that all these parameters are checked time to time. To keep a record of all the parameters and measure the fluctuation in their values organization use process specific charts. These Charts have set upper and lower limits of the parameter and measures any fluctuations beyond that limit in a specified amount of time.

control chart templates

Sample Quality Control Chart Template

sample control chart template
improvementskills.org To have profit in the business it is very important to maintain the quality at every step. Only after that the final product would come out of higher quality and the customer will be satisfied. Each step of a manufacturing process has its own set quality measures. A Quality control chart template helps in keeping a check on the measures of them.

Sample Pre Control chart Download

control chart template download
A pre control chart helps a business set its limit within two categories; good or bad. If the outcome comes out to be beneficial it is listed in the good category otherwise to the bad category. A pre control chart helps you identify the unnecessary expenses of a business.

Free Individual Control chart Template

free control chart template
It is important to identify and measure each and every factor related the business process and tracks them individually. An individual control chart enables a businessman to track the measures singularly.

Sample Variable Control Chart Template

sample quality control chart template
elon.edu Business have fixed and variable measures. Whereas the fixed measures are easy to control the variable measures need more attention and close observation due to their fluctuating nature. A variable control chart helps an organization to keep a check on all its variable factors associated with the business.

Quality Control Chart Template

quality control chart template
Source: asq.org

Why control charts are necessary:

Control charts set the limits of any measures which makes it easy to identify the alarming situation. It becomes easy for an individual to read the business progress and plan accordingly. They help in easily identifying the loophole and necessary steps can be taken to exterminate any such measure.

Who can design a control chart?

Anybody who has the knowledge of the various measures associated with business processes may design a control chart. However having in-depth knowledge is a must as the chart forms the base of identifying and eliminating the bad measures.

Tips for making a Control chart template:

  • Choose the right format: The first step is to choose the perfect format of your control chart. The format differs process to process.
  • Set the limits: It is essential to set the limits of the measures to get the read the process right.
  • Gather the data: Gather relevant and authentic data is very important as without it the end results of the study may stand invalid.
  • Keep regular check: Make it a mandate to fill in the values every time a process completes or as and when required to get exact results.

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