6+ Waterfall Chart Template – DOC, PDF, Excel

A waterfall chart represents data visualization of cumulative effect on initial value from sequential introduction of intermediate negative or positive values. This business chart is also known as Mario chart or flying bricks chart given its apparent suspension of bricks or columns in mid-air. It’s known as bridge in the finance sector. The initial & final value are presented as whole columns while floating columns interpret intermediate values. You may also like Table Seating Chart Templates

waterfall chart template

Water Fall Chart Free PDF Template Download

water fall chart free pdf template download
sixteenseven.com | This waterfall chart is a simple waterfall chart, which explains the cumulative effect of all the steps at the final result. It shows the amount of resources required at each step and the total at the final result column.

Solvency Waterfall Chart Free PDF Download

solvency waterfall chart free pdf download
lloyds.com | The solvency waterfall chart creates a waterfall chart to check the solvency of an enterprise. Different colors are used to indicate the different stages to find out the solvency of the enterprise.

Custom Waterfall Chart Template

custom waterfall chart template
A Custom Waterfall Chart is used to create customizable waterfall charts. It can used to indicate the progress of a project, revenues generated per quarter or revenue generated per branch of the company, etc.

Risk Waterfall Chart Free Word Template Download

risk waterfall chart free word template download
nasa.gov | The Risk waterfall chart indicated the risk factor associated with every new project a company undertakes. The companies create the risk waterfall chart for all the projects and continue with the project with the lowest risk.

Free Easy Waterfall Chart PDF Template Download

free easy waterfall chart pdf template download
lexjansen.com | A free easy waterfall chart can easily denote positive and negative values in the chart. It is used to check the revenue generated by the company at each quarter of the year.

Stacked Waterfall Chart Free PDF Download

stacked waterfall chart free pdf download
extremepresentation.typepad.com | This stacked waterfall chart comes up with a series of charts interconnected to each other. The main chart focuses on 4 most important attributes such as Comparison, Relationship, Distribution & Composition.

Sample Waterfall Chart Template

sample waterfall chart template
The sample waterfall chart is a simple waterfall chart which shows positive and negative values throughout the months and the initial and final values. It shows the market trend of a particular item and the sell for each month.

If you need assistance in creating waterfall charts, a waterfall chart template Excel would be helpful for you with its pre-defined framework. It comes with readymade columns and you would just need to input your specific data on the Chart Templates.

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