How to Make a Restaurant Comment Card – 5 Templates


Being in the food industry is not an easy thing. You need to know the meals that customers want and make sure that their experience in your restaurant leaves them happy and satisfied. This is why there are a lot of restaurants that try to get as much information as they can out of their customers regarding their dining experience. One of the best methods of obtaining this type of information is through the use of comment cards. This article is going to focus on how you are going to create a comment card design that will allow you to know how customers feel about your restaurant.

Free Comment Card Template

Free Restaurant Comment Card Template

Restaurant Comment Card Template

Restaurant Comment Card Template

Guest Comment Card Template

Guest Comment Card Template

How to create a restaurant comment card

An ongoing part of managing your own restaurant is the fact that you have to listen to customer feedback on a regular basis. While there many methods that you can do this such as face-to-face conversations or through the use of social media, the most efficient method is through the use of customer comment cards. With the use of comment cards, customers do not just rate their experience, it also gives them the opportunity to make suggestions that will help your restaurant improve. They offer instant feedback about customer service, menu selections, food preparation, cleanliness, and even the general ambiance of your establishment. So, if you are going to make a comment card for your restaurant, be sure to follow these steps:

1. Compile a list of the most relevant areas to score

If you own a restaurant, then you should find the areas that your business needs to improve in. Think clearly on what you would like the customer to rate as you will be using the results to see which of the areas your customers liked, and which of them they were not particularly fond of. The following are items that your customers can rate through your restaurant comment card: their server, the quality of their meals, the cleanliness of the establishment, the time when the meals arrived, the selection of meals, and the prices. You may also see restaurant menu templates.

Customer Comment Card

Customer Comment Card

Hotel Comment Card Sample

Hotel Comment Card Sample

Also, remember that your restaurant comment card template must have a rating system that will provide customers information on how they can rate each aspect. You can state that 1 is unacceptable and 5 is excellent, or vice versa. Just remember to be specific about how your rating system works so that customers will easily be able to put in how they felt about their dining experience.

2. Prioritize the questions

If you are coming up with questions that you would like your customers to answer, then you have to think about which you would like to have the answer to. If you think that customer satisfaction is the one thing that should be your primary focus, then you should ask a question such as, “Did your dining experience meet with your expectations?” or “How can we further improve your future dining experience?” Then, once you have set your priorities straight in terms of questioning, you have to make sure that there are questions in relation to the sample customer service and the speed of transactions in your restaurant. Remember that the point of these questions is to ask customers about their experience, so asking the right questions and properly prioritizing them is the best way to get the answers you need.

3. Choose the right restaurant comment card template that suits your business

If you are creating a comment card for your restaurant, then you have to find a design that best suits your business. Because you would not want a comment card that features a seafood design if your restaurant mainly serves meat dishes, right? There are lots of comment business card templates that you can find online. These allow you to edit them as much as possible until you are able to create one that perfectly suits your business. You also have the option to purchase templates that already have designs in place. Although this is the more expensive option, the quality is undoubtedly higher, so just make sure that you have the budget for it.

4. Choose a font that is easy to read

You want your customers to be able to read what is on your comment cards. It is best that you go with the Arial font as that is what most people can easily read, plus it is better if you choose the right font size so that it will accommodate the size of your comment card. Also, you have to insert a number scale and a series of checkboxes so that your customers can rate every aspect of your restaurant from “good” to “bad”. You may also like sample restaurant menu.

5. Print a test run of comment cards

You should not just make one version of the comment sample card for your restaurant, you have to see which will best suit your business as well as ones that your customers will have an easy time filling up. You have to think about the size of the font in the comment cards and if visually impaired customers will still be able to read it. If customers say that the design is a bit off, then change it immediately. If they say that the font size is a bit too small or too big, then you have to resize it as soon as possible. Just make all of the necessary adjustments so that customers will have an easy time providing you with information that will help you and your business out. You may also see restaurant tent card designs.

Why should you have restaurant comment cards?

If you wonder why a restaurant needs comment cards, then the following should help you understand:

1. Customer service improvement

With the help of a comment card, a customer can say that he or she enjoyed his or her dining experience because of great service, or the customer can say that he or she was dissatisfied with the treatment that he or she received. Customer service is always going to be an integral part of any small business, especially in the restaurant industry. So, with the help of comment cards, you will be able to figure out which of your employees need further training in order to meet the expectations of future customers. You may even be able to weed out those employees who are causing more problems to your restaurant than solving them.

2. Meal quality or variety improvement

The point of having a restaurant is to feed customers. So, naturally they would expect food that will meet their expectations and they also expect to have a wide variety of choices. With the help of a comment card, customers can point out if a particular meal that they ordered was one to their liking, or if there needs to be a serious change in how a particular meal was made. Gaining this information will tell you if you should work on improving the meal that the customer did not like, or if you should remove it from the menu entirely, depending on the responses of the customers who have tried the dish. Also, customers may use the comment cards to point out that your restaurant either has too much or too little meal variety on your menu.  A restaurant menu must meet with the theme of the establishment, but it also requires the right amount of items on it. So, if your customers comment that your restaurant has too little in terms of menu variety, then you should add more items to the menu. If it is too much, then take some of them down.

3. Restaurant cleanliness improvement

If you were a customer who has decided to dine in a particular restaurant, then you would expect everything to be spotlessly clean, right? The customer comment card allows your customers to talk about the cleanliness aspect of the different parts of your restaurant. You can have your customers rate the cleanliness of your restaurant through the use of the rating scale and checkboxes in your comment card, or you can have them write comments on which parts of the restaurant are clean, and which need more sprucing up. The cleanliness of a restaurant is very vital, so having customers point out things that need to be cleaner or having them praise you for the cleanliness of your establishment is always a good thing. You may also like restaurant DL card designs.

4. Transaction speed improvement

Customers always hate it whenever they have to wait for their bill or change. With an event comment card, customers can point out if your servers are able to complete these transactions quickly. Because no matter how good your food is, if your customers wait too long for the check, then it could eventually sour their enjoyment.

5. Allows customers to make suggestions

It is not just about the questions that you place in the comment cards, customers should also be able to make their own suggestions on how they think you can improve your business. Your comment card should have a section where customers can point out what aspect of your business needs to be improved. This way, customers will have free reign on what they would like to say and it may just help you see what it is your business outline really needs to attract more customers. Do not disregard any of the suggestions, but see which of them can actually help your business plan.

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