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A food log or a log of any kind as a matter of fact, is used to keep a tab on all that you do. A food log will help you keep a track on the food items you consume, especially if you’re conscious about what you put inside your body. If you’ve planned to go on a diet, you must try out log templates which can help you. You can also see call log templates.

A food spreadsheet log template Excel would be a great way to design a food journal or a food diary. You could even go for one which has a smart, attractive design to add to the charm. You can add all sorts of details in the food log, including your preferences and your dietary requirements.

Food Log Template


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Food and Activity Journal Log Template

Food Diary Log Template

Standard Food Diary Worksheet

Student Daily Food Log in PDF

Food Stamp Challenge Meal Log

Basic Diet Food Log Sample

Downloadable Monthly Food Log

Blank Food and Exercise Log

Free Printable Eating Log by Food Categories

Standard Daily Food Log Form

Sample 7 day Food Log Download

Example of Food Intake Log Template

Sample 3 Day Food Log Filled Out

Downloadable Food Temperature Log

Food Waste Logbook in PDF

Free Printable Food Daily Log for Kids

Simple Food Log Sheet

Cooling Food Log Templates

FitNuts Food Log

What is the Purpose of a Food Log

Food log is very important nowadays. It is used to keep track of your eating routines. There are many apps and templates which contain beautiful Food log Designs. It records the food intakes. The purpose of food log is very important in day to day life. Food log is used to keep track of the amount of calories that you consume in a day.

Food log can help out in deciding what food to be taken. Food logs one of the main purposes is to balancing the diet, which in turns helps in keeping you healthy. You can also see  Simple Call Log Sheet Templates.

Free Printable Weekly Food Log Template in PDF

Free Printable Weekly Food Log Template in PDF is a very simple food log. It is easy to manage. It is in a PDF format. You can download this template and edit it or else take a print out of the food log and make records manually. There are also some templates available which have beautiful food log designs.

Food Tracker Template Free PDF Download

The food tracker template is a very efficient and advanced food log template. It has many features and fields like calorie target, vegetables consumed, grains, fresh fruits, fats consumes and so on. It calculates automatically the amount of food and calories consumed. These templates have beautiful food log designs.

Diabetic Food Log Template PDF Format

The diabetic food log template PDF format is developed especially for diabetic patients. It is very important for them to maintain their blood sugar levels all the times. Hence this food log comes in handy for them. It is very simple and in a single layout form. While there are many beautiful food log designs available.

Free Food Log Template For Microsoft Word As the name says the free food log template is made with Microsoft Word. It is easy to download and edit. it is a very simple food log which can be used for regular diet management. Nutrition students might use it very often, because it is required for them to record all these factors.

Free Printable Food Log Template

The free printable food log template is in a booklet format. It is an easy to use template, which can be downloaded or directly printed and used. This template provides the tutorial in how to use and maintain the food log. There are many beautiful food log designs available online.

Food and Drink Record Chart Download in PDF Format

Food Log Spreadsheet Template in Excel Format

Food Record Chart Download for Microsoft Word

Free Food Log Template PDF Document Download

Free Download Food Log Template in Word Document

How to make a Food Log Sheet

Once you have decided to be fit and start a diet, you must make a food log. These are the ways to make/ create a food Log Sheet Templates. Food log templates are available on the internet, you can make use of it as well. First set up a method that is necessary for your diet. i.e., choose a diet plan. Then start recording in the log with every meal. By the end of the day or a week, check the log and analyze the intake that you have been taking that week. Then deliberately take steps to reduce or add on to the intake.


For someone who is on diet or health conscious these health logs are very useful. It maintains all the records and even suggests the right amount of diet for an individual. Food log sheet is to be prepared to maintain all the food intakes on daily basis. It has huge benefits like Food logs keeps track of the calories Food logs prevents from over or under eating Food logs provides knowledge to the user with the healthy diet options Food logs help in achieving a proper balanced diet. For someone who is sensitive, food logs can be used to inspire them in achieving goals and make them happy.

Being healthy is a best way to be happy in life. Food logs are taking major role in everyday’s day to day life slowly. Because the benefits from food logs are many, there are many Best Fast Food Logos available online. Different themes and templates are also available. Some of them are application based while some are software based. Choose the one suitable for you and your diet.

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