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29+ Word Log Templates Free Download

The log templates in Microsoft Word are useful for business purposes such as tracking the progress of the assignment. It can also be used to create a call log list, assessing the weight and creating a log for the car. There are many Log Templates which are available for free download and can be used for a particular work as deemed best by the user.

> Training Log Template

These are printable templates and can be customized. These Food Log Template contain features such as date, name, type of exercise, weight, duration of exercise and comments. They are useful for maintaining a record of the workout undergone by the body. They are downloadable in both pdf and word format.

Blank Maintenance Log Template

blank maintenance log templateDownload Now

Log Sheet Template

log sheet templateDownload Now

Maintenance Log Template

maintenance log templateDownload Now

Change Order Log Template

change order log templateDownload Now

Free Food Log Template

food log templateDownload Now

Mileage Log Template

mileage log templateDownload Now

Call Log Template

call log templateDownload Now

Simple Log Sheet Template

simple log sheet templateDownload Now

Free Blank Log Template in Word Format

blank log template

Free Activity Log Template Word File

activity log template

Food Log Template Word File Download

food log template

Free Word Format Time Log Template

time log template

Accident Log Template Word Format

accident log template

Free Book Log Template in Microsoft Document

book log template

Call Log Template MS Word File

call log template

Free Complaint Log Template Word Format Download

complaint log template

Word Contact Log Template Free Download

contact log template

Free Daily Log Template in MS Word

daily log template

Equipment Log Template Word Download

equipment log template

Free Gift Log Template Word Format

gift log template

Word Homework Log Template Free Download

homework log template

Free Incident Log Template Microsoft Word Format

incident log template

Meeting Log Template Word File Free Download

meeting log template

Free Download Nutrition Log Template in Word

nutrition log template

Project Log Template MS Doc Free Download

project log template

Sales Log Template in Word Format Download

sales log template

Word Task Log Template Free Download

task log template

Vehicle Log Template Word Free Download

vehicle log template

> Work Log Template

Work log templates in word document can be used to monitor the employee’s activity and performance. The work log templates come with features such as name, date, department, name of the supervisor and the timings of work along with space for the signature of the concerned employee. They are available for download for word file as well as in pdf format.

> Communication Log Template

Communication log template contains features such as dates, charts, notes for review and information about the client. It is beneficial for teachers to keep a record of communication with the parents and this log template is immensely helpful in that direction. Businessmen can also keep a record of their communication with the clients with These Templates. It is a very useful log template in ms word can be downloaded for free from many online sources.

> Daily Log Template

Daily log template is very useful in planning and monitoring one’s daily activities, writing down the problem faced and their remedy and ensuring that nothing is overlooked or ignored. The daily log templates contain features such as date, problem and action column and target column. They can be used for creating a word doc dealing with the daily activities and its attendant problems. You may also see Daily Report Template

> Time Log Template

Time log templates are effective in monitoring the working hours of the employees. These templates contain features such as start time, end time, regular hours, overtime hours, task description, remarks and other features. The employer can use this template to ensure that every employee is working according to the timings fixed by the company. These templates are available in Microsoft word format.

> Phone Log Template

Phone calls of employees can be monitored with the help of this log template so that the employer can differentiate between a pleasure and a business phone call. This template contains features like date, time, duration of call, phone number and the person called. You may also see Call Log Template

> Mileage Log Template

Mileage log templates are useful in tracking mileage and preventing misuse of funds by managing the reimbursements of employees in a proper manner. The template contains features such as date of travel, purpose of travel, source and destination and the miles travelled. They are available for word format and excel. In Word 2010, log templates can be downloaded if not present among the in-built templates, for creating documents on word requiring a specific type of log template. There are many types of sample available of various types of log template which can be viewed before downloading.

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