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How to Make Email Policy Rules

There are always going to be company policies no matter what business you are working for. The point of having them is to ensure that everyone is aware of what needs to be done and what should not be done in order to maintain a healthy and efficient working environment.

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Some policies are also meant to protect the company from any outside dangers. A good example would be an email policy that will help control what employees share when sending messages about the company. This article is going to focus on how you are going to go about creating this type of policy.

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How to create an email policy

If you are going to create a policy that will help ensure everyone sends emails wisely, then follow these steps to help you create a proper and efficient one:

1. Point out what the emails should only be used for

Employees should know what they are allowed to send when using their company emails. Your policy has to state that employees who decide to send emails must only use it for business-related purposes. The reason for this is because if an employee sends emails for personal reasons, then this could lead to a huge waste of time and loss of productivity in the workplace.

2. Point out how they may use social media

Email policies should not just be focused on company emails; these should also point out how employees send mail or post to their social media accounts.  So, use the policy to point out that employees may not post or share anything that would put the company or co-workers in a bad light to the public. It should also be stated that employees are not allowed to share any confidential company information on social media as this will be subject to the appropriate disciplinary action.

3. State that discrimination emails of any kind are not allowed

This should be pretty obvious as discrimination is never tolerated in any workplace. But, in the event that an employee sends a discriminating email about a co-worker’s age, sex, gender, religion, nationality, or race, then he or she will be dealt with in the appropriate manner as stated in the terms of your company’s harassment policy.

4. Consequences of violations

If an employee does anything that violates the policy, then the appropriate disciplinary action must be taken against him or her. Your policy has to state the progression of the kind of disciplinary action that will be taken against the employee and the severity of the offense. So, let us say that an employee makes fun of the company in his or her post. That would not necessarily mean that he or she would be terminated immediately, but you may want to send him or her a written warning regarding the problem and how he or she should solve it. Just make sure that your policy shows what will happen and when it will happen if an employee were to violate it.

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