20+ Sample Disciplinary Letter Templates

While Complaint Letters are the first step in letting company miscreants know of the HR department’s intention of taking action with regard to their actions, disciplinary letters example are far more severe and are used by the department in dealing harshly with those who break the rules of the corporation.

These, along with Notice Period Letters, are a more serious form of the Complaint Letters. There may be disciplinary letters suspending employees, or letters that reduce the employee’s salary for the month as compensation for something, etc., the layouts of which are provided by these templates.

HR Package – includes Policies, Letters, Email, Job Descriptions, etc


Disciplinary Letter of Suspension

Disciplinary Decision of Suspension Letter


Disciplinary Letter on Review of Suspension

Sample Letter Employee Disciplinary Meeting


Sample Disciplinary Letter Ending Suspension

Letter Employee Disciplinary Meeting


Sample Written Warning Disciplinary Letter


  • Alter the tone and content to address the rule broken and the necessary penalization. A variety of activities generally considered breaking company rules are outlined in these templates, although greater alterations are possible.
  • Choose from a number of suitable, pre-built templates that save the department the hassle of writing such letters every time. A sample is stored for such occasions.

Notice of Probationary Dismissal Disciplinary Letter Template


Sample Disciplinary Letter Re Investigation

Sample Desciplinary Letter Enclosing Investigatory Report

Sample Letter Inviting to Disciplinary Meeting

Disciplinary Letter Example

Sample Disciplinary Letter To the Employee


Select From Many Fonts and Other Customizations

A number of fonts, of differing sizes and styles, are present for use in the templates, where the color can also be changed. The main body of the letter is also alterable, although if the right template is selected, then the need to do so will be rare, as many are available for free Disciplinary Letters, for download from the web.

We have collected some Sample Disciplinary Letters, hope these templates will help you.

Disciplining Staff Letters

Disciplinary Letter Templates HR

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