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Human Resource Policies, as the name implies, are the set of rules and guidelines that set out how a company’s employees or workforce are to be treated by the company, what compensation and benefits they shall receive, how they shall be hired, and how they shall be trained and assessed. It is advisable for all companies to set down their HR policies, preferably on paper, when starting out so as to improve employee relations and satisfaction down the line. This can be easily achieved by utilizing easily available HR Policies Templates or samples which provide a basic structure for creating such a document, like HR Dashboard Templates help in creating dashboards or HR Job Description Templates help in writing perfect job descriptions.

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HR Package Template

hr-package-template Buy Now

Company Policy Template in Pages for Mac

company-policy-template Buy Now

Employment Policy Template

employment-policy-template Buy Now

Employee Attendance Policy Template in Pages for Mac

employee-attendance-policy-template Buy Now

Computer Use Policy Template in Word, iPages

computer-use-policy-template Buy Now

Flexible Workplace Policy and Procedure Template

flexible-workplace-policy-and-procedure-template Buy Now

Employee Working Hours and Reporting Policy Template

employee-working-hours-and-reporting-policy-template Buy Now

Sick Leave Policy Template in Word, Pages for Mac

sick-leave-policy-template Buy Now

Privacy in the Workplace Policy Template in Google Docs

privacy-in-the-workplace-policy-template Buy Now

Recruitment and Staff Selection Policy Template

recruitment and staff selection policy

Sample Equal Opportunities Policy Template

equal opportunities policy template

New Employee Orientation Template

new employee orientation template

Staff Development Policy Template

staff development policy

Employee Recognition and Awards Program

employee recognition and awards program

Job Description Policy Template

job description policy

Working Hours Policy Template

hours of work template

Work Force Action Plan Template

work forc action plan template

HR Policy and Procedure Manual Template

hr policy and procedure manual template

HR Additional Duties Policy and Procedure

hr additional duties policy and procedure

Age Equality Policy Template

age equality policy template

Authorised Travel and Related Expenditure Policy and Procedure Template

authorised travel and related expenditure policy and procedure

Capability Policy and Procedure Template

capability policy and procedure template

CCTV Policy and Procedure Template

cctv policy and procedure template

Child Protection Policy Template

child protection policy template

Compulsory Redundancy Policy Template

compulsory redundancy policy template

Consultancy Policy Template

consultancy policy template

Guidelines for Contacting Staff on Leave Template

guidelines for contacting staff on leave template

Disciplinary Policy Template

disciplinary policy template

Cover All Bases With Your Employees

  • With HR Policies, you can cover all necessary and relevant areas related to hiring and payment such as Equal Employment policies, paydays and bonuses, classifications for employees, deductions, overtime policies, retirement, pensions, etc.
  • You can set out the rules and guidelines for breaks, vacations, holidays, sick days, etc and compensation thereof. You can also implement the daily break and meal times, and their limits.

Discretionary Compensation H E Exemption Template

discretionary compensation he exemption template

Discretionary Powers Statement of Policy for LGPS Template

discretionary powers statement of policy for lgps template

Disputes Procedure Template

disputes procedure template

Family Leave Policy and Procedure Template

family leave policy and procedure template

Fixed Term Contracts Policy Template

fixed term contracts policy template

Flexi Time Scheme Template

flexi time scheme template

Grievance Policy and Procedure Template

grievance policy and procedure template

Health Assessment Referral Practice Statement Template

health assessment referral practice statement template

Induction Code of Practice Template

induction code of practice template

Intellectual Property Policy Template

intellectual property policy template

Job Share Policy and Procedure Template

job share policy and procedure template

Maternity Paternity and Adoption Leave Policy and Procedure Template

maternity paternity and adoption leave policy and procedure template

Occupational Health Referral Guidance Notes

occupational health referral guidance notes templates

Occupational Sick Pay Scheme Template

occupational sick pay scheme template

Public Interest Disclosure Policy and Procedure Template

public interest disclosure policy and procedure template

Redeployment and Pay Protection Policy and Procedure Template

redeployment and pay protection policy and procedure template

Reference Policy Template

reference policy template

Relocation Schemes & Policies

relocation scheme template

Sample Discriminatory Harassment Policy Template

sample discriminatory harassment policy template

Sickness Absence Management Policy Template

sickness absence management policy template

Special Leave Practice Statement Template

special leave practice statement template

Address a Number of Modern and Relevant Issues

  • You can establish the policies for assessment of your employees, and gauge improvement (and consequent increases in salary), promotions, and terminations, as well as relevant actions. You can set out the terms for promotions and terminations as well.
  • You can cover a wide range of issues including use of company resources, medical plans and benefits, sexual harassment counter-measures, dress codes, and more. All of these policies can easily be put on paper with the use of free or paid downloadable templates.

We have collected some Sample Human Resource Policies Templates, hope these templates will help you.

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