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14+ Word Newspaper Templates Free Download

Reading newspapers is a habit which must be inculcated in youngsters at an young age. How else are they supposed to stay informed about all that is happening in the world? One might argue that with the internet at your fingertips now, print media has lost its importance, but you couldn’t be more wrong. There are still millions of people around the globe who need to kick start their day with a Newspaper Template. The crisp pages with news items in a professional and formal tone is what makes a newspaper still relevant even today.

Even if you do not read newspapers regularly, you must be aware of their conventional format. All newspapers have a front page, which consists of the most important news items of the day. Most dailies or weeklies are divided into a number of sections like business, sports, entertainment and so on. If you’re planning to start a newspaper, you need to decide upon the format first and foremost. In order to do that you can take the help of Sample Newspaper Templates.

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11+ FREE & Premium Newspaper Word Templates - Download NOWBeautifully Designed, Easily Editable Templates to Get your Work Done Faster & Smarter.

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Types of Newspapers

Depending upon the kind of news items in a newspaper, they can be classified into the following types- 1. Dailies- These are the main newspapers that you receive everyday. These papers present the incidents and all that is occurring around you daily. A daily newspaper usually has a main story in the front page followed by feature stories. You may also see Microsoft Newsletter Templates. 2. Weeklies- As the name suggests, such newspapers are published once a week on a particular day. These are specialized papers, and contain topics related to a specific subject, say sports or business. 3. Tabloids – Tabloid newspapers publish items related to the field of movies and entertainment. You can read about your favourite movie stars here, and you’ll find all news stories about the glitzy, glamorous world of the rich and the famous.You may also see Restaurant Newsletter

Why Do You Need Newspaper Templates?

Every newspaper has a specific format, and each differs from the other. For example, a daily has a distinct format which is nothing similar to the one used in tabloids. You cannot mix up the formats if you want to establish yourself as a reputed newspaper. The format is the most important aspect of a newspaper. It needs to be structured, organized and well designed. Each separate news story must be given a separate space, without encroaching into the space of another. Now this can be quite a tough job, unless of course you have Newspaper Templates on Word. These templates have a readymade format, just waiting to be edited. All you have to do is insert your news story in the newspaper template word doc, along with images. There are even empty spaces provided for photos.You may also see One-page Newsletter Templates

Creating A Good Newspaper

In order to create a good newspaper using Free Templates in Word, you must keep the following in mind- 1. The format. You cannot afford to mix up the formats. You must understand that newspapers have a specific format that has been used conventionally for generations. You cannot alter the given format as and when you please. Even reputed newspapers have set formats.You may also see sports news letters. 2. All newspapers contain images, but you need to balance the text and images in a methodical fashion. Too many images could spoil the whole purpose of the paper whereas too much of text can make it monotonous and boring.You may also see Pharmacy Newsletter Templates 3. The language needs to be formal and official in tone. Casual, colloquial language is not acceptable. It has to be to the point, precise and devoid of all forms of verbosity. All the facts must be stated in a concise manner, and personal opinions or judgements should be excluded.You may also see weekly newsletters.

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11+ FREE & Premium Newspaper Word - Download NOW

Beautifully Designed, Easily Editable Templates to Get your Work Done Faster & Smarter.

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