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How to Make a Newsletter in Microsoft Word

According to Chron, newsletters benefit a business since they promote an organization's or company's services and products to its readers. Companies can also use newsletters to offer coupons, which is good for marketing. And if you're going to offer newsletters and want to discover how to start one, then check out our tips below.

1. Make the Design Attractive

Always remember that a boring business newsletter is not something that your readers would want in their inboxes. Don't expect them to read your content if all they can see is plain white and text layout. To fix that problem, make sure that your church or company newsletter contains colors, pictures, different readable typography, and more like a brochure. 

2. Add Different Content

Your simple newsletter should not only contain one content. You can add actually add more content to it. All you have to do is to categorize your newsletter. You may add content like how to use your products, contests, surveys, event invitations, the employee of the week, Christmas coupons (for the Christmas holiday), and many more. 

3. Keep the Content Short

Another important tip you must remember is not to write long content. Some people won't have the time to read your content no matter how informational or educational it is. So, keep your simple email newsletter short and clear. Additionally, make sure your content is engaging so people will keep on reading your document. 

4. Include Your Company's Information

Lastly, don't forget to insert your company's information. This way, the readers can visit your website or social media sites and check out your services or products to lead to sales. 


  • How many newsletters can I download from this site?

      You can download around 14 newsletter templates from our site. We have a marketing email newsletter, sales email newsletter, employee newsletter, Christmas newsletter, and many more templates.

  • What makes MS Word good for editing newsletters from this site?

      Our templates are formatted well to fit MS Word. With MS Word, you can change font size, font style, content color, pictures, and more. You can also quickly send your newsletter to your mailing list without any hassle. Aside from that, you can also import and export files on this software.

  • What makes newsletters beneficial to my business or organization?

      When you use newsletters, you can draw your business or organization closer to your readers or subscribers. This means people will remember you, and this increases brand awareness. Besides that, you can also share your latest products through your newsletters, so many people will know of them.

  • Why should I download a newsletter template?

      If you download a newsletter template, you will have less work time. Aside from that, you won't have to design from scratch because our templates are already professionally designed. They also contain original suggestive content for you.