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No matter what company you’re in, every employee has to go through performance appraisals so that management can ensure that they’re all performing in a way that meets certain standards. And performance management starts from the very moment a person starts employment, all the way until his/her resignation. You may also see report templates.

Those in charge of appraising employees will need to document all of the information they’re able to gather regarding the performance of the employees that they’ve observed. And this is the main reason why they’re going to have to learn how to create performance appraisal reports and this article is going to teach you how to make one. You may also check out here Monthly Report Format Templates.

Performance Appraisal Report

performance appraisal report

Performance Evaluation Report

performance evaluation

How to Write an Employee Performance Appraisal Report

It’s best that those in charge of appraising employees start the evaluation process early as this will make it much easier when having to write down the performance appraisal report. While you can always go with appraisal report forms that you can find anywhere on the internet, some find that writing their own reports as a more casual yet professional approach.

So if you plan on making your own employee performance appraisal report, then here are the steps that you’re going to have to follow:

1. Create a Departmental File for the New Employee

When you’re creating this document, you must take note that its contents have to be similar to the file that’s maintained in your company’s human resources department, with the exception of any health-related information that your company’s HIPAA officer would usually be in charge of handling. This is the kind of file you’re definitely going to need to keep track of the performance of your employee as this will contain information on important matters such as the employee’s attendance records, performance feedback, and possibly even any records of being disciplined. It will basically tell you how well an employee is doing in the company so you need to have this on a file that you can access at any given point in time.

2. Always Keep Your Employees Departmental File Up-to-Date

Remember that any new information you gather on the employee that’s related to his/her performance has to be put in the departmental file. This would include any kind of feedback that you give the employee throughout the year. The process of providing your employee with feedback should start the very moment that he/she is employed and it’s your responsibility to ensure that the employee receives regular feedback. Because not only will it tell the employee what he/she should meet with performance standards, but it can also show your employer that you’ve been carefully observing. If you have any questions regarding the kind of informal feedback that’s appropriate for the document, you can always go to your company’s human resources department to get the answers that you need.

So whenever you observe an employee, don’t just rely on memory as that’s just faulty and it could lead to a lot of problems in the future. So what you can do is take down notes in detail so that you won’t have to completely rely on memory alone. This way, it makes it much more efficient on your end for when you have to update the employee’s departmental file. You may also see sample company reports.

3. Consult With Your Company’s Human Resources Department on How to Administer Disciplinary Actions

If your company has a progressive discipline policy, then that would mean it’s extremely important that you maintain all documentation regarding every incident that involves the employee you’re in charge of observing. You can always grab yourself some disciplinary action forms as they’re usually provided by Human Resources. If you aren’t exactly sure as to how you’re going to document the disciplinary steps you’re going to have to take or how you’re going to go about in applying the appropriate disciplinary action on the employee, then you can always ask those in the Human Resources department to help you. And it’s not just them, you can also go speak with the employee’s supervisor and manager as they’re the ones who are trained to provide effective feedback and they know the disciplinary process like the back of their hand. Documentation of any disciplinary action you’ve taken against your employee is necessary to complete the employee’s department file.

Simple Annual Performance Appraisal Report

simple annual performance

Monthly Performance Appraisal

monthly performance report

4. Prepare for the Appraisal Meeting Well in Advance

It shouldn’t get any clearer than this. You want to prepare everything ahead of time for the appraisal meeting as this will make things much easier on your end. So what you’re going to have to do is to make the date of the appraisal meeting on your calendar and begin drafting the report in which you point out as to whether or not the employee is meeting with performance standards. This will include crucial information such as the employee’s job skills, ability to communicate with co-workers, knowledge about his/her profession and much more.

Characteristics that include initiative and motivation may be difficult to write down in a report because there’s always going to be an amount of subjectivity when it comes to evaluating these areas. While this may be difficult, it’s not exactly impossible. What you can do is measure initiative by observing how often your employee helps other co-workers without being asked by his or her supervisor or manager or by how many times the employee has asked to do additional projects or overtime work. Just gather as much information as you can and write them all down in the report within a good amount of time before the date of the appraisal meeting.

5. Review the Employee’s Departmental File for Documentation on the Employee’s Performance

This should be done throughout the entire year. Gather all of the feedback, discipline and commendation forms that are all related to the employee whose performance you’re going to review. Prepare a draft appraisal form and carefully consider the job expectations and the employee’s overall performance throughout the entire year. If your company requires that your employee has to fill up a self-evaluation form, then you’re going to have to provide the employee with the necessary documents.

Remind your employee of the appraisal meeting and what he or she should expect while the mater of the employee’s performance is going to be discussed. Upon completing the evaluation form, provide the employee with a copy of the documentation and make copies of the departmental file and the human resources file. You’re going to want to make sure that you have these copies as you’ll never know when you might have to use them.

6. How to Appraise an Employee

Now that you know how to create an appraisal report, it’s best that you learn how to properly appraise an employee so that you can effectively gain all the information you need on his or her performance. You may also like executive report templates.

Here are the steps that should help you do just that:

7. Carefully Observe the Employee’s Strong Points

While doing an actual observation on how the employee goes about on his/her work on a daily basis, what you want to focus on first is what the employee’s strengths are. This will tell you the different aspects where the employee shines at and it’s a good way of telling you what the employee can use to his/her advantage within the workplace. If there are any strong points, make sure to take note of all of them as praising the employee during the meeting is a great way to boost morale and to keep the employee into continuing to do his/her best. You may also see strategy report templates.

8. Watch Out for the Employee’s Flaws

Considering that you have to point out the employee’s strengths, you’re also required to find any problems that the employee is encountering that’s possibly pulling down his/her performance within the workplace. Sometimes it can be as simple as the employee not arriving on time, but then it could be something much bigger such as the employee not being able to do the job properly because of failure to follow even the most basic of procedures. You’re going to need to point out all of these problems as they all have to be documented in the appraisal report. You may also see performance report templates.

9. Point Out the Goals the Employee Has or Has Not Met

If you’ve already had a previous appraisal meeting with the employee, the most likely the two of you have set out goals that have to be met before the next meeting. So while you’re observing the employee, you have to state as to whether the employee was able to meet those goals, or if the employee is still having difficulty in achieving them. This is is very important as it will basically tell those in the report that the employee could either be improving or deteriorating in terms of work performance. You may also see employee appraisal documents.

10. Provide the Solutions to the Performance Problems

While you’re creating the performance report, you’re most likely going to write down the problems that are impeding the growth of your employee. When you write them down, you’ll also need to include the solutions on how they should be fixed. All you have to do on your end is to ensure that whatever solutions you decide to write down in the report is relevant to the problem and that they can actually help the employee reach the performance goals and standards of the company. So think about them carefully before you write them down as you don’t want to put in any solutions that don’t make sense to your employer.

If you would like to learn more on how to create appraisal reports or anything related to this particular topic, then all you have to do is go through our site, find the articles that contain the information you need, and use what you’re able to gather to help you and your small business out.

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