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6+ Cosmetology Resume Templates

As the face is the index of the mind, one’s resume is the index of one’s character and skills. Whether you’re an amateur or a professional looking for a job in the beauty industry, a good resume would take you a step forward in your career growth. You may also see Executive Resume Template.

If you have mastered the art of styling, you can build an instructor resume to train others in this field. You can win your dream salon or get people to your own home based spa all with just a solid impressive Resume Samples.

Cosmetology Student Resume Template

cosmetology student resume
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If you’re an aspiring student just set out into the open world with a desire to carve out a place in the beauty industry, cosmetology student resume is definitely your guide.

Cosmetology Instructor Resume Template

cosmetology instructor resume
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When you have become an expert in the area of cosmetology and want to provide the support and knowledge to those budding stylists, build yourself an instructor resume which sells best in the market.

Entry Level Cosmetology Resume Template

entry level cosmetology resume
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A young beautician who wants a career growth in cosmetology and wants to set up a shop can make use of this resume sample to create an equally astonishing one which would put you right where you’re aiming for.

Cosmetology Graduate Resume Template

cosmetology graduate resume
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With a graduate degree specialized in cosmetology, when you want to showcase your acquired accomplishments during the tenure and secure a job, this resume is one of the best ways to develop a splendid resume. You may also see Chef Resume Template.

Sample Cosmetology Resume Template

sample cosmetology resume template
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Be it a newbie salon aspirant or an already established cosmetologist, this template is best suited for anyone who wants to have a go at their area of expertise to climb their job ladder.

Professional Cosmetology Resume

professional cosmetology
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1. What to Include in a Cosmetology Resume?

It is good to put in all your well-acquired artistry and showcase your excellent skill set in a resume. Your resume should also contain relevant work experience if any so that it will be having a competitive edge over the other applicants. A resume shows your attitude and character. So you’ll have to more careful in creating a resume. Whenever you are in need of a job, the first important thing you’ll have to work on is building a resume. You may also see Cashier Resume Template.

2. Cosmetology Resume Tips

  1. Make your resume clear and concise. If it is simple and informative, it has a definite chance of catching the eyes of the employer.
  2. Include various ways to communicate with you, so that any important details sent to you are not missed out.
  3. Highlight your specific area of specialization so that it captivates the recruiter’s eyes. Backing it up with appropriate experience details is an added advantage.
  4. Keep updating your resume examples with current information. An outdated resume will only end up in the trash.

3. Mistakes to Avoid in Cosmetology Resume

  1. Do not clutter your resume with unwanted information. Put information pertaining to your specialty only.
  2. Do not include everything as your skill. Point out only your most exceptional ones so that choosing you will not be a difficult task.

You can follow these model creative resumes having an idea of how the resume should look like. The options for variations are infinite. You can tailor the samples for a hair stylist resume, a facial and spa therapist resume, or a massage artist resume. Whatever be the need, a truthful and clear resume is the stairway to success.

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