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9+ Sample One Page Resume Templates

There are certainly no rules in the creation of your résumé. It all depends on how you want it to look like and matters affected by personal decision. A résumé, though, must be precise and direct to how you wan to be perceived by your prospective employer.

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In this modern age, résumés also evolve. An example is the usage of a one-page résumé. A few years back, it is more applicable to use a two-page résumé. Yet even spacing and other writing techniques are affected by modernization, hence the creation of new types and formats of documents.

You may take a look at the other résumé templates our website offers for references.

Free One Page Personal Resume

One Page Resume

Free Download

One Page Resume for Experienced

Free Download

One-Page Resume Template Word


Professional One-Page Résumé


Infographic One-Page Résumé Template


All-in-One Single-Page Résumé


Minimalism One-Page Résumé Template



Though it is not applicable to all jobs, especially to those who need a list of your experiences and more details on your job functions, having a one-page résumé can also be efficient.

If you plan to make a one-page résumé, be sure to take note of the following:

  • Use bullets rather than paragraphs. Lesser sentence construction and being precise to what message you wanted to deliver will help in spacing issues.
  • Create a clean format. You may or may not use columns. I suggest that you use two columns to maximize the entire space of the paper. A three-column page may look too compressed together, while a one-column and one-page résumé may have too many blank spaces. Again, it is on how you maximize the space.
  • Take note of your font size and styles. Since there’s a littler space to work on, you need to adjust the sizes of your text as well. It should be a little smaller than the normal text but should not be too small that the employers cannot see it anymore. Do not be afraid to use bold letters and italics, especially on items that are needed to be highlighted like titles and other important information. Just make sure that it does not consume so much space.
  • Take note of the spacing. Never compromise space as it also adds a great impact to the overall look of the résumé.

Our website has an impressive catalog of one-page résumé templates and a one-page personal résumé to set examples on how these types of résumé structures can be done.

Free Single-Page Résumé Template


Modern One-Page Résumé


Single-Page Résumé Bundle


Free Photo Résumé Template


Even if your résumé is just a one pager, make sure that it still has the needed information that is needed to be known by the employer. These information should include the following:

  • A recent photo of yourself
  • Your basic personal data:
    • Full name
    • Age
    • Permanent Address
    • Current Address
    • Mobile Number
    • E-mail address
  • Your career objective
  • Work experiences
  • Technical Skills
  • Inter and Intra personal Skills
  • Educational Attainment
  • Seminars attended
  • Achievements
  • Character references

Make sure that even if you have passed just one page for a résumé that the employer will still be impressed, not by the number of words on it but its content. All the data, once present and presented well, can give them a good impression and will surely give you a message or a call for an interview schedule.

Aside from a one-page résumé, we also have samples an accounting résumé templates from our website. Go ahead and see for yourself.

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