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246+ Sample Budget Template

Did you get a job last month? Then you must be very much excited about receiving your first salary. But, you would definitely not want to spend and finish your entire salary in just 2-3 days. Instead, you would want to spend it carefully as and when needed. For this, you must prepare a budget. In our collection, you will find various budget templates designed as per various requirements. The template options are as follows:-

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> Budget Template For Mac


For people who use desktops, laptops and even smartphones with Mac operating system can definitely download this budget for MAC template. For any of their budgeting needs, related to personal or business use, they can customize the content of the template as per their required heads and print to use. (15+ Sample Budget Templates for Mac)

> Budget Planner Template


This budget planner template is ideal for chalking down any budgeting details required in any of the fields. This can keep a track on all your finances and give you a total clear picture of what your earn, how do you spend?. Download it, customize and then print for use. (9+ Budget Planner Template)

> Budget Proposal


If you are planning on investing on a new project related to your business, then this budget proposal template will be of your help. You can chalk out the costs involved and what’s necessary in that project and show it to the investors. The template can be completely customized after downloading. (11+ Budget Proposal Template)

What is the purpose of a budget?

Are you an entrepreneur, who just started her business in readymade dresses? Then before investing the capital it becomes extremely important to judge the market as which product would be hit and which won’t work. This research will provide you with an insight of making a budget for proper tracking of funds. The budgeting will help you in tracking your expenses related to business.

Whether you want to create a budget for any business purpose or for household and other personal needs, it can help you out by proper allocation of the funds meants for spending on various categories or heads. The budget creation will ensure that all the fund requirements are met and nothing goes unnoticed.

Budgeting in relation to management of business is quite vast and it is critical too. Many aspects are considered while creating it. The main purpose of budget creation can be termed as the prediction ability of the income of the company and recording its expenditure. By doing so whether the business can yield profit or not, that can be forecasted.

By looking at the budget, many big decisions from the company’s perspective can be made, like investment on any new project, hiring new employees, expansion of the business by forming a new wing or how much money should be allocated for marketing a special product. Budgeting helps in providing responsible decisions. Budgeting gives you a clear picture of the actual figures of a company’s financial account.

In our collection you can find a variety in templates. From simple budget worksheet, to the complex ones, we have one for everyone. Simply edit and use.

> Budget Timeline


Any big or small business organization can download this budget timeline template for getting a detailed picture of the budgeting figures planned on particular projects and also what is the actual cost incurred by it for a long period of time. Found in Excel format, customize and print for use. (9+ Budget Timeline Templates)

> Business Budget


For proper organization of your business expenses, you must make a budget related to all aspects of your business. The business budget template, available in Microsoft Excel format will be perfect for you for this reason. Download, edit the content as per your requirement and then print for your use. (13+ Sample Business Budget Templates)

> Church Budget


Every church needs to divide its funds for spending on several functions and events it holds for its members. For this reason, you need to create a Church budget. By downloading this Church budget template from the link, you can add several heads by editing the content and then use. (10+ Church Budget Templates)

> Event Budget


While planning for an event related to any individual person, company or any form of organization a proper budgeting of the funds should be done. This event budget template will simplify your job and provide you with actual figures, as what budget you fixed and what is the actual expenditure incurred. (7+ Event Budget Template)

> Expenditure Budget


The accounts department of any small or big business organization must download this expenditure budget template for getting the actual figures of its financial account books. For getting information regarding the company’s tax calculation, this becomes very helpful. Download the template, edit the content and then print it for use. (8+ Expenditure Budget Templates)

> Family Budget


Every earning member of a family should definitely download this family budget template for keeping a track on the cash being used on various family expenditures. The template is in Excel format, and very simple which can be of any individual’s use. One can even edit the content as per requirement. (8+ Family Budget Templates)

> Film Budget


Filmmaking is vast and it requires the producer of the film use the money he is investing on various steps and levels. A proper budget has to be created by the production house for tracking down these expenses. This film budget template can simplify their job and they can customize it too. (6+ Film Budget Template)

> Financial Budget


This financial budget template is extremely important and can be downloaded by anyone who needs to do budgeting for controlling expenses. If you are planning to start a new project or planning to do some shopping for any upcoming event, this can be beneficial for any given reason. Edit and print. (8+ Financial Budget Templates)

> Household Budget


This household budget template is very easily downloadable and is perfect for budgeting needs of any individuals. Shopping for groceries, paying utility bills, buying stationeries and other budgeting categories are covered in this template. According to your wish, you can even edit the content and then print it for use. (9+ Sample Household Budget Templates)

How can people make sure their budgets remain balanced?

People have many misconceptions, like if a friend of yours spends his/her pocket money by creating a budget, then they must be spendthrift. And one who doesn’t is probably extravagant or has a big heart. Well it’s always wise not to pour your heart into everything, instead one should always think smart when it’s about managing funds and keeping proper track of every penny spent. Creating a budget can take care of all these needs and even give you the figures as how much savings you could make.

Keeping track of your finances and decide on how to spend someone’s salary or various utilities and other categories is extremely needed. Budgeting can help you in showing you the taxable income of yours and how much extra money gets left after all the expenditure. By sticking to the figures shown in your budget, you can definitely remain balanced.

For creating a control over your monetary transactions, budgeting becomes extremely important. It can create a balance by tracking where and how you are spending your money and whether you are doing that according to the predicted amounts on the budgeting sheets. It can make you a better decision maker related to finances.

If any personal or business loan has been taken, budget on your finances can make you a smart money spender and by sticking to it you can definitely have some savings. This savings can help you in payment of the debts as early as possible by making you debt free. A separate head for debt payment can be created on the budget list too.

The money savings achieved through smart budgeting can make you even wealthier. By downloading sample business budget templates from the link provided in our collection, you can invest your extra fund on other profitable business plans.

> IT Budget


IT or Information Technology is synonymous with every business organization and in fact computing forms a very vital part of it. Therefore, budgeting should be done for tracking the expenses done on various IT issues. This IT budget template is very detailed and helps you in getting the clear picture of the cash. (9+ IT Budget Template)

> Manufacturing Budget Template


Any business organization which deals in manufacturing process will need constant budgeting for cash expenditure. The manufacturing process involves a lot of steps, and by downloading this manufacturing budget template, proper planning of monetary investment can be done. This template is completely print ready and downloadable in Excel format. (7+ Manufacturing Budget Templates)

> Marketing Budget


This marketing budget template is appropriate for companies who want to chalk out their cash involvement in various marketing activities. The salary spent on the marketing persons, advertising on several medium cost or for developing public relations, cash expenditure happens. Marketing budget template can help you do some budgeting for that. (17+ Marketing Budget Template)

> Monthly Budget


This monthly budget template is ideal for any salaried person, who wants to keep a tab on his earnings, his actual expenses as well as how much he could save at the end of the month. This easy to use, customizable template will do every bit of this budgeting job. (9+ Monthly Budget Templates)

> Payroll Budget


Any business organization with hired employees working in several departments, must fix and make a budget for salaries to give each one of them according to their designation. This payroll budget template is extremely helpful and is a must download for the HR department of any company. Customize and use. (7+ Payroll Budget Templates)

> Personal Budget


Anybody who earns money and wants to keep a record of all his expenditures towards various heads related to household or other factors, can download this personal budget template. This template is absolutely print ready and also can be edited with appropriate heads on the excel sheet as per requirement. (10+ Personal Budget Templates)

> Project Budget


For launching any new project, several rounds of research and serious monetary budgeting is required by any big or small organizations. The project budget template is needed for helping you with the task of budgeting. Just download, edit the content if you think it’s required, and then print it for use. (10+ Project Budget Templates)

> School Budget


For keeping a tab on the funds, every school whether it is a government one or a private one must always prepare a budget, as how is the fund getting utilized in the form of various school activities. The school budget template has been designed for this need. (8+ School Budget Templates)

> Student Budget


Students from outstations can get benefitted by downloading this student budget template. This template can help them chalk out their food, living and tuition expenses against what they get from their family for expenditure or what they earn themselves. Available in Excel format, it can be edited and then printed. (3+ Student Budget Templates)

> Travel Budget


While planning a trip at your dream destinations, proper budgeting is recommended for getting the idea whether your pocket permits you to go there. Budgeting on lodging, food and other traveling expenses can be predicted beforehand for giving you a reality check. Download this travel budget template for this purpose and use. (9+ Travel Budget Template)

> Vacation Budget


This vacation budget template is a must download for travelers who go for vacations very frequently or even seldom, for assuming what expenses can be incurred through the trip. Whether you can afford the trip can be answered by downloading this vacation budget template. Just edit the content and print. (9+ Vacation Budget Template)

> Wedding Budget


This printable and easy to use wedding budget template is a must download for individuals planning their wedding and also wedding planning companies. The customizable template helps in tracking money by allocating the amount required in a wedding, in several categories like wedding dress, flower arrangements and even catering. (22+ Wedding Budget Templates)

> Weekly Budget


For recording the expenses and transactions happening in a single week, you must prepare a budget. The weekly budget template will provide you with an insight as how you much you spend on several categories in your daily life. Very easily downloadable, it can be customized and later printed for use. (9+ Weekly Budget Template)

> Yearly Budget


Every organization irrespective of the size, must create a budget at the start of a financial year. The yearly budget template is meant for this use, which will let you plan your expenditures beforehand on known categories. The template is downloadable in MS Excel format for your use. (5+ Yearly Budget Template)

Benefits of a Budget?

If you are someone who spends money on unnecessary stuff, then the budget templates available with us should be downloaded by you right now. By working on it, it can act as a strict advisor as how effectively you can use your money and manage it by spending it correctly. Clear representation of how your funds are getting spent and how much of extra you can enjoy can be known with the help of budgeting. The other benefits of budget are explained below:-

The above points make it evident and very clear as why you need to download the various budget templates available in our collection. The templates are completely customizable too.

Budgeting is synonymous with forecasting and predicting how your business is going to fare in the long run. These templates are available in Microsoft excel format and are designed professionally. Download now and simplify your budgeting task.

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