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10+ Physical Education Lesson Plan Templates in Google Docs | PDF | Word | Pages

From a global perspective, schools may require different inputs to produce educated individuals. Arguably, teachers are the ones who set the foundation for an individual’s formal education. The global rise of education is the strongest driving force that helps literacy rates increase, which heightened significantly from 12.05% in 1800 to 86.02% in 2016. From those figures, teachers and professors have the biggest roles indeed in shaping a person’s intellectual growth and development. If your heart is set to follow this type of profession, then a list of lesson plan templates provided below can be very useful to you.

How to Make a Monthly Lesson Plan [8+ Templates to Download]

While planning a full year or a semester for an educational institute, it is necessary that you break down your lesson plan template to monthly, and then weekly for each monthly plan. It benefits you in two ways- it makes your lesson plans short and you don’t miss out on the most important details. You can also see more on Daycare Lesson Plan Templates.

5+ Best Homeschool Lesson Plan Templates

Homeschooling can be defined as a type of schooling where the parents would want to educate their child at home assisted by a teacher and a school curriculum, Since there is no competition, the child can learn at their own pace. Lesson plans for homeschool lessons differ from those of normal ones.

10+ Best Music Lesson Plan Templates

Music is a fun activity to learn and practice. But without proper guidance and structure, it can be rather challenging. To overcome this difficulty, there are a wide number of sample music lesson plan templates designed for teachers to help them make their classes more organised and exciting.

9+ Best College Lesson Plan Templates in MS Word | Google Docs | Apple Pages | PDF

A college lesson plan should be designed for the students in such a way that it should be able to meet the targets and objectives of the course within a set period of time by providing details such as name of the chapter or unit, materials required, duration and so on.