Notice Templates

Communication is an essential aspect of any organization, a process usually facilitated by using notices. Be it passing orders and instructions, giving directives, appraising employees or sending employees to field assignments, the document’s importance cannot be substituted Read More

It justifies the legal requirement of notifying a party of any processes that may affect their rights, duties or obligations. Before using this document, it is important to understand the various types and templates to put them to use appropriately.

There are different types of notice templates. The bigger task is to customize the template to suit your specifications. That is, however, not as much challenging as it would be if you chose to create a new model yourself using Microsoft Word, PowerPoint, or Microsoft Publisher. The following is a summary of the types of notice templates that you will find on this page.

Types of a notice template

Public Notice Template

A Public Notice defines any notice given to the public directing various activities and proceedings. They can be issued either by the government or by private sectors. For the government, the areas of concern could be legislation and license. For the private sectors, the public notice templates are useful for writing notices purposely for development agendas. Depending on the affected area, therefore, a simplified version of the model can be used.

Actual Notice Template

Actual notice is a term mainly used during civil proceedings. Usually issued to a defendant, it gives legally concrete assertion that his/her apprehensions have been conveyed to the recipient. Actual notice is given on a personal service basis. That is the physical handling of the notice to the individual. Law related issues are usually daunting. Making use of this template, however, simplifies a lot.

Constructive Notice Template

This notice provides a legal fiction indicating that the person should have acted or known accordingly, being reasonable, even if they lacked prior knowledge about the issue at hand. That, therefore, holds the person liable for any activities or any accrued intent. The template is habitually made with simple options for customization.

Judicial Notice Template

In the rule of law, this notice allows any fact to be introduced into evidence if the statement can be justified beyond any reasonable doubt. A witness accepts statements or materials admitted under this advisory without even a formal introduction. Judicial notices templates are the easiest and simplest law related notes. That is because they deal with obvious common sense, for instance, a given day of the week corresponding to a particular calendar date. They, however, vary from one state to another.

Motion Notice Templates

Motion by definition signifies the introduction of or raising a proposal; they are required notes especially when it comes to a deliberative assembly. Parliamentary procedures usually have these notices to provide an avenue for bringing new business into the house. Also called parliamentary motions, they include legislative action template, additional templates, petitioner models, or budgetary proposal templates.

The primary purpose is to notify the members of the House formally that a new business will be introduced. Because the template is formal, due procedures are followed when handling this type of motions.

Resignation Notice Template

Resignation means formally giving up a position. In legal situations, these notes are used to justify the reasons. Different offices have different specified times for handing in the document. With the various templates available, simple customization will suit your need.


In general, printable notice templates are important business tools that you should be using every day. For a part, they make operations at work easier, and for a part, you can use them as promotional tools to communicate to clients about your business.