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Notice Templates

Communication is an essential aspect of any organization, a process usually facilitated by using notices. Be it passing orders and instructions, giving directives, appraising employees or sending employees to field assignments, the document’s importance cannot be substituted.... Read More

free legal notice templates in ms word pages google docs pdf

15+ Legal Notice Templates in MS Word | Pages | Google Docs | PDF

A legal notice helps any legal procedure or lawsuit. The letter may notify about a court notice, recovery of money, property transaction, credit card demand, divorce, and more. Drafting the letter content, court concerns, payment, and more may take time. It gets even more complicated when you include the Word document format, even for an experienced writer or advocate. Make sure the content is within the law, copyright, and consumer contract with the legal notice templates.

10+ Auto Insurance Templates in Google Docs | Word | Pages | PDF

Since cars have become an integral part in human society, giving them security measures is vital. With the growing statistics of deaths by the thousands and injuries by the millions daily, car damages are only fraction in that scenario. Minus the tragedies, vehicular incidents are still common; thus, the need for automobile insurance is undeniable. Covering the costs for maintenance, loss, and damages are . necessary to ensure the customers’ backs. So better keep the transportation sector abuzz and running with the help of insurance policies.

27+ Printable Eviction Notice Forms – PDF, Google Docs, MS Word, Apple Pages

Being a landlord, sometimes certain conditions arise when you have to send an eviction notice to your tenants. Whatever may be the condition, whether it’s due to unbearable behaviors of the tenant, inability to pay rent or anything, as a landlord, sometimes it becomes difficult to adjust to such conditions.

19+ Meeting Notice Templates – PDF, Google Docs, MS Word, Apple Pages

Before any meeting is conducted, preparations are made by the participants with the use of the information written on a two weeks notice prior to the day of the meeting. This notice called a meeting notice is distributed to the participants to aid them in preparing for the meeting.

10+ Comprehensive Personal Liability Templates in Google Docs | PDF | Word | Pages

According to the National Safety Council (NSC), there are about 38, 300, 000 medically consulted individuals who suffered from injuries at home in the year 2017. In addition, the Insurance Information Institute recorded that there’s one of fifteen insured homeowners who have a claim every year. Indeed, potential lawsuits and claims have dramatically increased in the past few years. And getting the comprehensive personal liability insurance is more important than ever. In this article, we provide you different types of templates you might need, such as certificates, forms, letters, and legal notices.